Dragon Age Inquisition Hinterlands Side Quests Guide

By   /   Nov 23, 2014

The Hinterlands is the starting area in Dragon Age Inquisition. You should expect low-level quests in this area but they will help you practice basic combat techniques and level up a bit.

Do note that you will probably get bored if you try to finish the entire region before entering any other region. Though it may help take down High Dragon and farm Power and Influence Points.

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Dragon Age Inquisition Hinterlands Side Quests

Holding the Hinterlands
Quest location / Objective: You can start this quest by visiting Scout Harding and players are asked to establish camps in the region to support the Inquisition activity and hold the Hinterlands.

Reward: 50 Influence along with 1 power per camp.

Walkthrough: Camp sites are marked on your map. Establishing a camp will give you influence, experience and fast-travel points. So, try to make camps as soon as possible. The main challenge you’ll face during camp quests is reaching each location.

Furthermore, you’ll see that multiple camps can be established in every major wilderness locale. Be on the look out for dangerous enemies along the way.

In the Elements
Quest Location / Objective: Some of the Apostate mages have hidden supply caches in the area. Your objective is to report the location of cache to Whittle.

Talk to the recruit at the west of the Crossroads after securing it from a fight between Mages and Templars or explore the Southwest portion of Hinterlands.

If you find and claim a cache, a talk will prompt among your party, regarding how the caches can be beneficial for the Crossroads. After this, you’ll be given a waypoint directing you to the recruit.

Reward: 1 power, 80 influence and 177 XP

Walkthrough: This is not a difficult quest. All you have to do is go to the location of the cache and claim them. They are not well hidden, so you won’t have a hard time collecting them all. The way points on the quest map will be very helpful in putting you on the right track for each of them.

Still, keep in mind that in order to claim one of the caches, you’ll have to defeat an ice barrier. If you have a mage in your party or are a mage yourself, it’ll be easier to defeat this ice barrier. Return to Whittle and report the locations of all five caches and complete the quest.

East Roads Bandits
Quest Location / Objective: Speak to Bellette in the northeast of the Crossroads. Follow the dirt road to find her. Doing this will trigger the quest.

She’ll tell you that some bandits are ahead and are attacking the refugees. Your objective is to deal with these bandits.

Reward: 1 power, 80 Influence and 177 XP

Walkthrough: Like the previous two, there is nothing much to it. Just kill every single bandit and as soon the last one bites the dust, your quest is complete.

Hunger Pangs
Quest Location / Objective: Speak to a hunter in Crossroads to start this quest. Your objective is to deliver ten pieces of Ram meat to the refugees. The quest will become available after clearing the crossroads.

Reward: 1 power, 80 Influence and 177 XP

Walkthrough: Your map will guide you to the locations where rams are found frequently. Since these creatures don’t fight back, killing them is child’s play. Each ram will give one unit of meat, so you’ll need to kill at least ten of these.

Keep in mind that although killing them is easy, catching them is a completely different thing. They are quick, and they’ll run at the first sight of danger. Catch and kill ten of them and return with the meat. The quest is now complete.

A Healing Hand
Quest Location / Objective: After you clear the Crossroads, speak to the officer there, to start this quest. Refugees at the Crossroads need the help of a healer. Your objective is to convince one to visit the refugees. The quest will become available once you cleared the crossroads from mages and Templars.

Reward: 1 power, 80 Influence and 177 XP

Walkthrough: The officer you speak with will tell you about the healer located in the north, in the village of Redcliffe. The healer is an elf and will not be easily convinced to come to the crossroads. This task will be easier if you’re an elf yourself or have Solas or Cassandra in your party. Cassandra will convince the healer to come.

A Common Treatment
Quest Location / Objective: If you manage to conceive the healer to move to the Crossroads, then you can accomplish this quest there. If she’s at the Redcliffe, then you can do the same from there.

Players should note that this quest will become available after they address the Chantry at Val Royeaux.

Reward: 40 Influence and 40 XP

Walkthrough: The healer will give you a list of the herbs she needs. Read the list. It’ll tell you to get four Elfroots and two spindle weeds. The herbs can be found close to the lakes, rivers and ponds in the Redcliffe village.

Once you collect them all, you just need to bring them back to the healer to complete this quest.

An Advanced Treatment
Quest Location / Objective: Speak to the healer to trigger this quest. However, you must first complete “A Common Treatment.” Your objective is to get some more herbs for the treatment of injured patients.

You will need to find six Elf roots and one royal Elfroot.

Reward: 40 Influence and 44 XP.

Walkthough: You already know where to find the Elfroots but getting your hands on a royal Elfroot isn’t as easy. It can be found in the small farm plot. The one near the starting Hinterlands camp.

A Rare Treatment
Quest Location / Objective: Once again, speak to the healer. She needs more herbs to treat certain patients. You will need to collect five spindle weeds and two crystal grace bunches.

Reward: 40 Influence and 44 XP

Walkthrough: You already know where to find spindle weed but in order to find crystal grace, you should know that it is commonly found in the southwestern region.

The primary challenge in this quest is that the enemies you encounter along the way and upon reaching the southwest regions are a bit tougher than your average opponents. You will encounter heavily armed mercenaries and on occasions, some wild bears.

Apostates in The Witchwood
Quest Location / Objective: To start this quest, find a note inside a cabin located on the road to Redcliffe from Crossroads. Furthermore, this quest can be triggered by finding a note on the dead body of an apostate, near the first camp.

Your objective is to find the apostates and deal with them permanently. After you read the note, an area will be marked in purple on the map, head there.

Reward: 2 power, 200 Influence and 354 XP.

Walkthrough: Near the first camp established by the Inquisition, there is an ongoing battle between the Inquisition and the apostates.

You can join the battle right after Scout Harding in done briefing you on the matter. Once your party is done with the first group of these attackers, some of them will run for their lives towards east.

Among the dead bodies, there will be a note that will tell you about a larger apostate stronghold in the north of the Crossroads. In the west of the Crossroads, you’ll find a tunnel that will take you to northern parts of the Hinterlands.

Here, you’ll see a large-scale battle between Templars and mages. All of them will consider you an enemy. Avoid engaging too many enemies at once. You can let your enemies battle each other and get weaker; this will help you finish them-off easily. The quest will take you to a cave outside of the camp.

After you are done with the fight, enter the cave. Once you do, deal with the last wave of the apostate which shouldn’t be a difficult task by now. The quest is complete as soon as the last mage falls. You have the option to loot the cave.

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