Dragon Age Inquisition Gold Farming Guide – How to Earn Gold Fast

Find out how you can earn Gold Fast in Dragon Age Inquisition with the help of our easy to follow Dragon Age Inquisition Gold Farming methods.

There is a scarcity of gold in Thedas and you will not take long to realize this.

I would recommend checking your expenses right from the start so that you don’t feel too deprived later. Indeed, the game does provide quite a fistful of ways to earn coins, but none of them are sufficient to fulfill all your needs.

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Dragon Age Inquisition Gold Farming

In this guide, I will jot down everything that will net you some extra bit of coins in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Selling Unnecessary Items

One of the best ways to earn some extra coins is by selling useless items. Since you cannot keep more than 60 items in your inventory, it is better to sell useless items. Enemies in DA:I are vulnerable and immune to different elemental damage-types; therefore, always make sure to keep a variety of weapons and armor.

Completing War Room Missions and Exploration

Completing War Room Missions is another good way of earning coins. However, make sure that you are completing missions which guarantee you gold reward, e.g. Gather Coin. These missions will offer you little coin, but can be completed over and over again.

Furthermore, exploring different areas and taking on monsters are few more ways to earn coins. For instance, slaying High Dragons rewards player with insane amounts of coin.

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War Room Mission Exploit

This exploit has been confirmed to work on Playstation 4 and PC, but not on Xbox One. I haven’t tested it on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Follow the steps provided below for Playstation 4:

Step #1
Enter the War Room in Skyhold and assign your Inquisition to gather gold from different locations.

Step #2
Open up and navigate following menus:

system menu – settings – date & time – date & time settings – set manually

You need to adjust the time to 24 hours forward and accept changes followed by getting back into the game.

Step #3
Once you get back to the game, you will receive all goodies. Keep on repeating this process until you have acquired your desired amount of coins and other goodies.

Loot Bug

There is a random loot bug in Dragon Age Inquisition that allows you to repeatedly loot a loot pouch that drops from the enemy or found in a certain location. Considering it’s a random bug, if you are lucky and looting the pouch doesn’t despawn it, loot it to your heart’s content for as much gold as you want.

One such spot is near the burning houses in the refugee settlement in Crossroads in The Hinterlands region. The loot pouches in this area have a tendency to not despawn after you have looted them. You can repeatedly loot them to farm gold.

You can only pull that off if you pick up loot, choose Take All and Cancel almost at the same time. You need to time it right.

Investing in Diplomacy

Investing in diplomacy will ensure good rates on crafted items and junk that you can sell to Merchants. That’s another way to earn gold fast in Dragon Age Inquisition.

Selling Valuables You Find

Unlike the crafted items, most of the valuables can be sold for good money to Merchants. Just keep those Research Items and sell the rest of the items in Valuables Tab to Merchants if you want to make quick money.

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