Dragon Age Inquisition High Dragons Locations Guide – Battle Tips, How to Kill

Dragon Age Inquisition High Dragons locations and battle tips to help you kill all high dragons to get all the loot.

You will encounter various High Dragons in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Each one in different locale. Furthermore, each High Dragon has a certain ‘Resistance’, ‘Vulnerability’ and Abilities.

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Dragon Age Inquisition High Dragons

Dragon Age Inquisition High Dragons guide will you a brief walkthrough of defeating each High Dragon that you’ll encounter in the game.

Ferelden Frostback

High Dragon Location: The Hinterlands

This High Dragon has resistance against fire damage and is vulnerable to cold damage.

You will encounter Ferelden Frostback in Lady Shayna’s Valley. You will come across her dragonlings along the way. You can either kill them or let them go.

A single fireball will instantly kill you if you are not well equipped with fire resistance armor. It is better to have your party members equipped with frost staves and melee weapons enchanted with frost runes before the battle.

Melee strikers should watch for strikes from her legs. These attacks are easily telegraphed and players may be able to block them without much difficulty.

She will also try and bite player along with a tail attack. She will also use her fire breath throughout the fight. You will know that she is about to execute this attack by seeing her rare back a little.

Since the attack is extremely fast paced, you may not be able to dodge it in time. Frostback will also flap her wings that will blow away all melee fighters near her location. Furthermore, her bellowing will stun everyone in your party.

This dragon will also summon her dragonlings to fight alongside her. These dragonlings specifically target ranged attackers. I would highly recommend taking out these dragonlings as soon as possible.

The final attack at this dragon’s disposal is setting the whole area on fire. This especially happens while you’re busy taking out dragonlings.

The most important thing to note here is that this is a fairly long fight. Be well equipped with resistance potions, health potions, and party regeneration potions. It won’t end in a couple of minutes.


High Dragon Location: Storm Coast

This High Dragon has resistance against Electricity and is vulnerable to spirit-damage.

You will come across this High Dragon in Dragon Island. This area can be reached by taking a boat from Daerwin’s Mouth. You need to be equipped with any sort of electric-damage resistance to make this battle a little easier.

Like I have mentioned above, having spirit-damage is highly recommended – use enchanted runes to accomplish this. Having full focus bars and heal focus ability (for mages) is also recommended. These will ensure that your party survives for longer durations.

Watch out for dragonlings! These should be killed as soon as possible. Vinsomer’s physical attacks are almost identical to Ferelden Frostback. Vinsomer is one active dragon and a constant threat to ranged warriors.

Similar to Frostback, a large bellowing will stun your complete party. At one point, Vinsomer’s neck will get covered in electric field which will be unleashed on the ground. Make sure to keep a safe distance and avoid this!

Northern Hunter

High Dragon Location: Crestwood

This High Dragon has resistance against Electricity and is vulnerable to spirit-damage.

This High Dragon has electric damage like Vinsomer. Players dealing the most damage should always be on their toes. She constantly scales the outskirts of the castle to deal damage to hidden rogues. This battle is essentially same as other High Dragon battles.

Avoid getting hit from its tail and limbs along with her electric breath. Warriors clearly shine in this battle since they have the toughest armor.

Also make sure to bring in a couple of mages in your party who will constantly provide healing support. These mages that you bring must be equipped with spirit-damage.

Aside from spirit-damage, no other thing does any considerable damage to this beast. All in all, this fight is pretty much like Vinsomer. You can refer to the strategy provided under Vinsomer’s section for additional information!

The Abyssal High Dragon

High Dragon Location: Western Approach

This High Dragon has resistance against Fire damage and is vulnerable to Cold damage.

This High Dragon is extremely vulnerable to cold-damage. Your tank should take up all the damage while you try and bring her down. Your ranged party members should keep their distance and must be equipped with fire resistance. This beast randomly throws a fireball which deals massive amount of damage.

Similar to other High Dragons, she attacks with her arms and tail. Melee attackers should be careful of these attacks. Additionally, she flaps her wings to create a wind-barrier to avoid ranged attacks. Players can get in close to counter this attack.

Similar to other attacks, it is better to have full focus meters to enable your party last for a longer duration. Furthermore, Mark of the Rift can prove immensely useful! Once you have slain the High Dragon, return to Frederic to break the news and also complete a quest.

Gamoran Stormrider

High Dragon Location: The Exalted Plains

This High Dragon is resistant to electricity and is vulnerable against spirit-damage.

You’ll come across Gamoran Stormrider in Crow Fens. Her attacks are similar to other High Dragons: tail sweeping, claw attacks and bellowing which stuns everyone in your party. She will roam around the watery area and randomly target anyone from your party.

She electrifies water in the area which damages and stuns anyone standing in water. Due to this, melee fighters will not be able to engage her since she is in water most of the times. Furthermore, she cannot be taunted which makes tanks useless.

Be equipped with electricity-resistance and have your mages work as healers. But most importantly, spend most of your time on dry land. Equip your mages with spirit-damage staves and do not miss any opportunity to dish out some additional damage while she is static.

Try and knock her down as soon as possible to use Mark of the Rift. And lastly, don’t forget to make use of things like Jars of Bees to deal some extra damage whenever you get the chance.

Greater Mistral

High Dragon Location: Emerald Graves

This High Dragon is immune to cold and vulnerable to fire damage.

You will encounter this High Dragon in the northernmost side of the Emerald Graves. It has a tendency of buffing itself with a guard bar which can extend this fight. Make sure to break this guard as soon as possible!

It will also flap its wings and damage all ranged attackers while pulling them towards it. You need to get in the melee range during this attack, but also avoid getting hit from its melee strikes.

I would recommend to have a party of warriors. Warriors can sustain heavy damage and fight at melee range since mages and other ranged attackers are not preferable for this fight.

Combine warriors with at least one mage. This mage’s sole purpose should be to stay alive and to keep other party members alive.

At the very end of battle, it will ascend into the air and target its enemies with icy blasts. The good part is that it does not call for reinforcements.

Similar to other High Dragons, watch out for the roar which will stun everyone in your party.

The Hivernal

High Dragon Location: Emprise du Lion

This High Dragon is immune to cold and vulnerable to fire.

The bottom-line of this battle: have resistance against ice and equipped with fire-type weapons. In addition to usual High Dragon attacks, her icy breath can freeze her enemies in place and instantly kill them with follow-up attack.

Similar to other High Dragons, she creates a wind barrier which deflects ranged attacks and damages all nearby players. Later in the battle, she will fly into the air and dish out damage using icy blasts.

It is important to keep your eyes peeled on the dragon as she drifts through the air. And lastly, make sure to be equipped with abilities that can bring her guard down. She will buff herself with a complete guard bar.

The Kaltenzahn

High Dragon Location: Emprise du Lion

This High Dragon is immune to cold and vulnerable to fire.

This High Dragon can be considered as a tougher version of the Hivernal. All her attacks are similar to the Hivernal. Make sure to be equipped with cold resistance and fire-type weapons.

You may also get a chance to use Mark of the Rift. She will leave trails on ice on the ground for a couple of seconds. This trail can slow movement and dish out heavy damage.

Additionally, it will spit ice balls while flying around the battleground. Sometimes, she will sit at a higher platform and aim ice-balls at her targets. This is your opportunity to dish out some damage using ranged attacks.

But make sure not to fill your entire party with ranged attackers. At one time during the battle, she will pull all range attackers towards herself while dishing out damage.

Have a combination of mages and warriors, similar to previous boss battles and inflict damage from melee attacks. At the end of the battle, she will summon her dragonlings to aid her during the battle.

Her bellowing, which will summon the dragonlings will also stun your whole party. Make sure to drop these dragonlings as soon as possible and be ready to use Mark of the Rift.

Be sure to have a lot of health potions with you to survive in this lengthy battle!

The Highland Ravager

High Dragon Location: Emprise du Lion

This High Dragon is immune to fire and vulnerable to cold. Unlike last two dragons that you fought in this area, this one is fire-type.

Equip yourself with some fire resistance and weapon that dish out cold damage. This High Dragon is asleep when this fight starts, this is your chance to use Mark of the Rift and deal some heavy damage before the fight begins.

It is better to have a party comprising of warriors, rogues, and mages. Rogues and mages should be at a safe distance, and warriors should deal damage at melee range.

Similar to last two dragons, this one also flaps her wings, but deals damage to players at melee range. Therefore, you can bring a couple of mages and have them poke it from a long range.

She also creates small circles of fire all around her and sets them on fire with a single roar. You must not stand in these circles to die a painful death.

She will also call forth her dragonlings to aid her during the battle. It is extremely important to take them out as soon as possible. Keep your focus on the High Dragon at all times!

This is a small battle arena than the last two battle which makes evading a little difficult. Bear this in mind!

Sandy Howler

High Dragon Location: Hissing Wastes

This High Dragon is immune to fire and vulnerable to cold.

Similar to last High Dragon, you will encounter this High Dragon fast asleep. This is your chance to use Mark of the Rift and dish out some heavy damage before the fight starts.

You can also bring in rogue and warriors with ice runes enchanted to their weapons to make things a tad easier. This High Dragon also has the capability to generate a full Guard Bar.

Make sure you have a lot of physical attacks that will bring her guard down quickly. Similar to previous High Dragons, she will also create a wind barrier which will deflect all ranged attacks and damage everyone within range.

At this moment, use your mages to protect the frontline attackers while they try and knock down the High Dragon. Other than this, she will set the arena on fire and call forth her dragonlings with a powerful roar.

It is always advised to get rid of these dragonlings as soon as possible to make your life a little easier.

Keep your eyes peeled on the High Dragon as it swept through the winds and use all your attacks to bring her down followed by entering Tomb of Fairel.

Share your own tips and strategy with us in the comments below!

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