Dragon Age Inquisition Multiplayer Characters Unlock Guide – How To

Find out how you can unlock multiplayer characters in Dragon Age inquisition.

Unlocking multiplayer characters in Dragon Age: Inquisition takes a very different approach than other RPGs. In DA: I, you need to craft a character’s armor to unlock it. It is highly unlikely, but a character’s armor can be acquired from an item.

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How to Unlock Multiplayer Characters

To get started, open up Crafting Menu in multiplayer and then select Armor Crafting. Cycle among different characters and you will see what you need to do to unlock a certain character. Here is a quick rundown of everything you need to unlock different characters:

  • Warrior requires 1 set of cloth, 1 set of metal, and 2 sets of leather
  • Mage requires 2 sets of cloth, 1 set of metal, and 1 set of leather
  • Rogue requires 1 set of cloth, 1 set of metal, and 2 sets of leather

There are quite a fistful of ways, using which you can collect Crafting Materials. You can purchase these items from vendors, get them from Treasure Chests, and salvage weapon, accessories, and upgrades.

Do note that you cannot salvage armor to acquire these items. One more thing to bear in mind is that Crafting Material you receive from salvaging is class–specific. For instance, if you salvage a Rogue item, it will yield leather.

Here is list of characters you can play with in Dragon Age: Inquisition:

  • Legionnaire – Starting Character
  • Katari – Needs to be Unlocked
  • Assassin – Needs to be Unlocked
  • Archer – Starting Character
  • Elementalist – Needs to be Unlocked
  • Keeper – Starting Character
  • Alchemist – Needs to be Unlocked
  • Reaver – Needs to be Unlocked
  • Necromancer – Needs to be Unlocked
  • Templar – Needs to be Unlocked
  • Hunter – Needs to be Unlocked
  • Arcane Warrior – Needs to be Unlocked

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