Skyrim Leveling Guide – How To Level Up Faster

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Remember leveling up in Oblivion ? It was tough and pain-in-the-butt. It’s been like that in almost all Elder Scrolls game. The burden to level up right so you don’t get screwed up in the middle or towards the end of the game was immense, but things are changed now.

In Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, Bethesda has tweaked the leveling system to make it easy to understand. You can level up easily any way you want but if you want to master it, you would have to put a lot of effort. Which is a beauty of the game – you can level up variety of skills and perks, but it would take good understanding and a lot of to experiment to find a good mix of skills and perks that compliment your game style.

Though, leveling up in Skyrim is comparatively easy, it would still be wise to learn few tricks of the trade to make this process smooth and hassle free. Obviously, you don’t want to end up fighting a high level creature on a lower level when you could just have leveled up differently and which could have given you advantage against that creature.

First, choose a set of skills that compliment your game style and then, level them up by using more of these skills. The more you use the said skill, more you level up that skill.

Before we start the debate of how you should level up faster in Skyrim, choose a set of skills and then choose what type of character you want from the available Character Builds.

Skills and Perk Trees

There are 18 Skills in Skyrim that you can level up. Each Skill has a distinct perk tree. Leveling up the perks is what determines how good you are at a certain skill. Take a look at the options below:

Skyrim Mage Skills – Magic

Skyrim Warrior Skills – Combat

Skyrim Thief Skills – Stealth

Character Builds – Mage, Thief, Assassin, Warrior

If you want to become a lethal character in Skyrim, one that your foes can’t stand, then you should focus on a specific set of skills and perks. Keeping your focus on limited number of skills and perk trees will help you adopt a certain fighting style, which would help you in the later stages of the game. Generalizing your skills is a bad idea at the start of the game.

Skyrim Character Builds

How To Level Up Fast In Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

How To Level Up Skills
You can easily level up all your skills by repeatedly using these skills. Make sure you set your priorities straight – don’t level up every skill, choose a set of skills and focus on them. This is because you don’t want to end up with skills that you don’t plan to use later in the game. Furthermore, each skill in Skyrim has a distinct perk tree and leveling up perks is what determines how good you are a certain skill.

How To Level Up Skills Faster
There are different Standing Stones in Skyrim for different Skills. Each Stone gives a boost to the said skill and helps to level up that skill faster.

Getting the blessing of a stone will help level up that particular skill faster. You can activate a Standing Stone and get its blessing by walking close to it. Read our Standing Stones Locations guide to find these Stones and get a level boost.

Leveling Up and Level Cap
Skyrim caps at level 50 but if you level up all skills to 100, you would be close to level 70. When you gain a level, all your health and magicka gets restored.

You can either level your attributes quickly or do it strategically to gain that health and magicka bonus. When you level up, you can spend points in Health, Magicka, Stamina and unlock one perk.

One perk per level explains why you can’t unlock all perks even when you have theoretically leveled up all skills to 100. It is because there are 250 perks in total and you can only select a mix of 70 perks for your character – 90 if you unlock the perks associated with certain quests.

Skill Trainers
These are the experts who can train you to better use your skills, resulting in a quick boost to your skill, but for a price. Yes, they are expensive, but they do help you level up faster.

Before you go in search of these trainers, I will recommend only training a skill when you want to unlock certain perk quickly or when you want to level up a skill that you had ignored before. Skill trainers also come in handy when you want to swap different armor types or magic types.

Read our Skill Trainers Locations guide to find these Skill Trainers.

Read Skill Books To Level Up Fast
You can also boost your Skill Level by reading different Skill Books found throughout Skyrim. These Skill Books reward you with a set boost in Skill, which is really helpful at the start of the game when your aim is to level up as quickly as possible.

Read our Skill Books Locations guide to get a level boost reading these books.

Choose Small Set of Skills
If you are aiming to level up fast and become an efficient fighter in Skyrim, choose a limited number of skills and perks to level up. It will help you concentrate and adopt a specific fighting style. If you choose to generalize your skills, it will take you longer to level up these skills. Just remember, you don’t have to become a Jack of All Trades. Focus on a specific skill and be a master.

Do The Dungeons
Skyrim has more than 150 dungeons. Dungeons in starting areas of the game have weaker enemies but as you level up, you can get access to a high level dungeon and finish all the enemies using a certain set of skills.

Using your skills will help you level up faster as I have already explained above and doing dungeons repeatedly will help you use certain set of skills more.

Difficulty of these dungeons is somewhat associated with the elevations – I mean – you will find high level dungeons mostly in the mountainous regions at higher elevations. So, you may want to avoid these locations during early stages of the game.

Doing these high level dungeons puts you against tougher enemies – which will in turn get you more experience which would result in leveling up faster. But if you aren’t content with leveling up, know this – more difficult a dungeon is, more chances there are that enemies will drop high value items.

The difficulty of these dungeon is varied as you progress in the game, Skyrim will adjust dungeon difficult as you go – The dungeons you do during early stages of the game won’t be that easy when you return to them in the later stages of the game.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts on how one should level up and how one should do it faster. Your feedback will help makes this guide better.

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  • P-trizzle

    i was going to call everyone a bunch of retards but i realised how old these comments are lol. after the dlc for: dragonborn, dawnguard and hearthfire came out (pretty sure its dragonborn) there is no cap limit you can keep continuously leveling up yourself and re-picking your perks all over again.

  • Tess

    I’m confused!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gray

    my breton is lvl 81.5 and has all skills, but until now I thought one-handed is a thief-skill, so I think you can crack lvl 82 to 85

  • mike garrett

    Currently lvl 67 in skyrim on 360 console….i believe cap is 80…

  • Danny

    “Skyrim caps at level 50 but…”


  • John

    watts the best dungeon to go to since im at Lvl 36

  • Tenshi

    i didnt found it any helpful because it said everything i alerdy known and nothing about easy ways to lvl up without actually making too much effort

  • Kathy

    This article is wrong in saying there is a level cap at 50. Bethesda has confirmed that there is no set level cap. Also, because there is basically unlimited number of quests as well, so to speak, you can level up all skills and get all perks with one character if you want. This will put your character at mid 81 level, so it’s a soft cap.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      It says the same thing Kathy =) Technically there isn’t any level cap.

      • Fringle

        Well, it says “Skyrim caps at level 50 but if you level up all skills to 100, you would be close to level 70” so it’s not really very clear.

        But, no, there is no cap.

  • Dalton

    Lucian is right about how the locations repopulate after a while, i know this because i visited Helgen (The location where you go after you wake up in a wagon heading to Helgen.) after the Graybeards summoned me to High Hrothgar and found it (Helgen) was inhabited by bandits.

  • Lucian

    (@robert. Most cleared locations will repopulate after enough time passes.)

    An easy way to level skills is to take the cutpurse perk in the pickpocketing tree, and pay to level up the skill of your choice before stealing the gold back.

  • strannox

    You must also level up the right tree, i had the same problem, but then i did the right tree aswell..

  • Radir

    Just a question, My smithin skill is 100 and i´ve got all the perks from the left hand section (Light armor) up untill dragon why can`t i continue into the daedric perk since i need the daedric weopens could you explain it to me if it´s a bug or something?

    • Fringle

      To access new perks you need the ones which came before. So you can’t go ‘over the top’, you need to come up the other side too.

    • bob

      No its not a bug. Its just that deadric is heavy armour so to make that you need to do the right hand side.

  • Zalen

    No, you can’t.

  • Robert

    can you do dungeons over again after you have completed them? i keep trying but everyone is always still dead.

    • Fringle

      Yes, you can, most repopulate after 30 days in game.