Skyrim Standing Stones Location Guide

Find all the hidden standing stones with this Skyrim Standing Stones Location guide and get a regular boon bestowed upon your character

There are a total of 13 standing stones that can be found scattered throughout Skyrim. You can earn two achievements, first by finding a standing stone and getting its blessing, and second by finding all 13 standing stones. This Skyrim Standing Stones Locations guide will show you how and where to find all these blessings.

To get the Standing Stone blessing, just walk up to the stone, activate it, and you will carry over its effect until you overwrite it with the blessing of a different Standing Stone. Below you will find the locations of all these Standing Stones in the game. Visiting them will net you these two achievements.

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Skyrim Standing Stones Location

The Guardian Stones (Thief, Mage, and Warrior Standing Stones)
Effect and Location. Thief standing stone makes you learn Stealth skills 20% faster. Mage standing stone makes you learn Magic Skills 20% faster. Warrior standing stone makes you learn combat skills 20% faster. 
You will find these Southwest of Riverwood, below Anise’s Cabin. You shouldn’t miss them as you leave Helgen. Easy to spot, they are.

The Ritual Stone
Effect and Location. It allows you to re-animate nearby corpses to fight for you. You will find it in the east of Whiterun, south of the river, between Whiterun and Valtheim Towers.

The Atronach Stone
Effect and Location. It gives you 50 extra Magicka points and enables you to absorb a portion of incoming spell damage, though you recover it slowly. You will find it between Riften and Windhelm in the marshland. It’s just outside the mountain range between the two locations, near the Eldergleam Sanctuary and Darkwater Crossing by the river to the east of the two.

The Shadow Stone
Effect and Location. It lets you become invisible once a day for 60 seconds. You will find it in the South of Riften, in a small mountain before the large mountain range to the south.

The Steed Stone
Effect and Location. It increases your carrying capacity by 100 without any movement penalty. You will find it on the tip of the highest mountain to the mountain, northwest of Solitude. It is right next to Ironback’s hideout

The Lady Stone
Effect and Location. With the blessing of this stone, you will be able to regenerate health and stamina quickly. You will find it in a small island in Lake Ilinalta, west of Riverwood.

The Apprentice Stone
Effect and Location. It helps you recover magicka 100% quicker but makes you 100% susceptible to magicka damage. It is south of Solitude, on an island, in a small water marshland.

The Tower Stone
Effect and Location. Enables you to automatically open expert or lower locks once a day. You will find it in the middle of Winterhold and Dawnstar, up on a mountain.

The Lover Stone
Effect and Location. It helps you improve all your skills 15% faster. You will find it in the east of Markarth, about one-fifth of the way to Solitude.

The Lord Stone
Effect and Location. It will make you resistant to Magicka and Physical damage. You will find it in the southwest of Dawnstar, in the mountain range, on the northern peak.

The Serpent Stone
Effect and Location. Gives you a ranged paralyzing poison to use once a day. You will find it east of Winterhold, north of Windhelm, in the sea, on a floating Ice Berg.

If you find the missing standing stone, let us know the location in the comments. Meanwhile, if you are confused about any location, ask, and we will try to help you out.

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