Deus Ex: Human Revolution Praxis Kits Locations Guide

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution rewards you for exploration, be it in the form consumables or finding the hacking passwords that will give you access to terminals and locked doors. Praxis Kits are a form of consumables that give you one Praxis Point when you use them.

You can spend this point to upgrade your augmentations which otherwise require you to purchase them for 5000 credits at LIMB clinics. They are also rewarded for completing different objectives and earning experience, which is a long shot.

So, if you are in for a quickfix, you can always find these Praxis Kits that are hidden through Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Having tough time finding these ? continue reading.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Praxis Kits

Praxis Kit #1
Location. Look for it on a box after exiting an elevator in the Sarif Industries Milwaukee Labs.

Praxis Kit #2
Location. There is one Praxis Kit hidden in the Detroit Downtown Apartments but it’s a bit tricky to get there. The Praxis kit is inside an illegal augmentation ‘Chopshop’, which is on the second floor. The code to get inside is 2356 – Once you are inside, hack the level 2 terminal, then hack the level 1 computer for the final code and you will end up in the area with Praxis Kit.

Praxis Kit #3
Location. This one can be found in the Derelict Row Ballers Sewers and is hidden by a wall (Eastern corner, in a dead-end south of sewer entrance). You can break that wall to access the area and get the Praxis Kit.

Praxis Kit #4
Location. In the Hengshaw Sewers, reach the U shaped section which is right under Huang Hua Hotel. There you will find a wall that you can break, break it through to get the Praxis Kit.

Praxis Kit #5
Location. This one is also a bit tricky since it is hidden in the elevator shaft of Hengsha Court Gardens. Get inside the elevator Shaft and instead of climbing up, climb down to reach the bottom of the shaft and there you will find a Praxis Kit right underneath the elevator.

Praxis Kit #6
Location. There is a Praxis kit hidden in one of the offices of Tai Yong Medical building. Enter the lab, and move up to the second floor. Take the hallway on the second floor and pass through the door to reach the corridor where you will find two offices. Praxis Kit is lying in the corner of the first office. There is a door that connects both the offices so you should find them easily.

Praxis Kit #7
Location. Search the main office desks of the Picus news building. You should find the Praxis kit lying on one of these, most probably on one of the desks in the center.

Praxis Kit #8
Location. Spirochete Says: In the Hive Night Club I killed the bartender on the ground floor (Bobby bad, I think his name was…) and looted a praxis kit off his corpse.

Praxis Kit #9
Location. When you come back from China and are going after Sandoval. As you enter his apartment, you will notice a dead body, the praxis kit is lying right there; you can’t miss it. Logan says: you need to drag the dead body off of the two emp mines that will go off if you just take the kit. that and dude comes out to kill you.. xD

Inside the cage, there is a Praxis Kit and some other stuff. The easy way is to hack the lower level computer to get the code for cage or look for the password in our keycodes guide.

Praxis Kit #10
Location. Complete the side quest Talion AD during Return to Shangai.

Praxis Kits From LIMB Clinics
You can buy two Praxis Kits at Detroit’s Limb clinic when you start. You will need 5000 credit for each. Go to Chine, spend 10k and when you come back to Detroit and have done few quests, these Kits will re-spawn and you can buy them again.

This way, you can get two in Detroit at start, 2 more in China, and when you come back, two more in Detroit Limb clinic. There is also a limb clinic hidden behind a vending machine in Panchea.

If you ever find it hard to locate these Praxis Kits, consider these tips to earn yourself easy Praxis Points:

  • Perform Takedowns as much as you can. Each takedown gives you 50.
  • Hack terminals and devices, instead of using the hacking passwords or pass codes to get access. There are countless hackable doors/safes so you shouldn’t have difficulty racking up XP. Level 1 hacking is worth 25 XP and it increases by 25 as you move to next level of security.
  • Alternate routes and hidden places give you 100 XP so explore as much you can. And, the amount of XP you earn increases as you progress but I am not sure by how much.
  • Try to be Stealth, you can easily get pass a mission objective without getting seen and it will reward you with 500 XP each time you do that.
  • Win social battles and earn Silver Tongue, 1000 XP every time you do that but there is a down side to it. There aren’t many social battles in the game but still.

For more help on Deus Ex: Human Revolution, read our Walkthrough, XP Books Locations, and Hacking guide.

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  • Lynx233

    About Praxis kit #9: It is essentially a trap set by Zeke especially for experience-hungry players. Trap reacting to greed. Excellent joke, if you ask me. Personally, I admit that I fell for it for the first time, but survived it :).
    Oh. And note, that if you kill Zeke earlier in the game, this trap AND Praxis kit will NOT appear. I checked that.

  • deusfun


    thanks for sharing the tip, but everyone else already got that praxis kit on the first run through detroit. it doesn’t respawn, so this would only work for people who forgot to get it on the first go round.

  • Ezra

    One last thing, there is ONE OTHER WAY to get Praxis Kits in this game, and everyone knows that every 5000xp you get a Praxis Kit.

    When hacking Consoles, there is an exploit that lets you double your reward, I came upon this by accident day after release, it might be patched in the future but for now its not.

    The exploit lets you earn infinite hacking rewards. This is how you do it.

    1. Save the game before attempting to hack a terminal or device. (You must do this).

    2. Successfully hack the device (preferably the security node but if you cant do that then try to get the data store but hacking the sec node gives you all the data stores) Best way to hack into the Sec node is use Nukes all the way to the Sec Node and nothing else. You can use as many Nuke Viruses and Stop Worms as you need being you will be reloading the save.

    3. Once the device is hacked properly, you will be presented with the hacking results screen, and the prompt to continue. DO NOT PRESS X (ON 360) (MAKE SURE YOU DONT GO PAST THE REWARD POP UP SCREEN) instead do the following: Press Start, hit LOAD GAME then access the save you had when you hacked the console, HACK IT AGAIN! (DO EVERYTHING YOU DID TO SUCCESSFULLY HACK THE DEVICE) GET TO THE POP UP SCREEN, you should notice you now have double the reward. DO NOT GO PAST THE POP UP REWARD SCREEN. Press start again, load your save and rinse and repeat *Note even if you dont see double rewards sometimes for STOP! Worms and MUKE Viruses, they will still show up in your screen.

    So if you have the time and the right Hacking Console that gives you the right Reward and a high enough amount of XP you could quite possibly fill up your entire Augmentation List pretty fast, a low amount of XP and you will be doing this all day, but if you want to become virtually indestructible this is the way to go. BUT… o if you have the patience and time, a Hacking Device that rewards 1000xp, and or 1000 credits will reward you double next time, and then another 1000xp after that, and so on and so on.

    ****IMHO NOTE****

    I am still on my first play-through, and although I only use this this to get Nuke Viruses and STOP! Worms, you can in theory, patience, and time even though I personally haven’t and WON’T try it, use this to get all Praxis Points and get every upgrade, I believe that by getting all upgrades, in my opinion WILL RUIN the experience of this great and amazing game. So do this at your own will, however if you start breezing through the game and become incredibly bored, don’t forget one solid piece of advice,

    I TOLD YOU SO!!!!


    by the way its been awhile since I have played a game this great. I think Eidos saved me from giving up on Video Games. I was getting tired of all the Good Looks, No Story in video games.

  • Ezra

    Ok, first get the Emotional Intelligence Enhancer. It’s only 1/1, the upgrade is free, so it automatically gives it too you. Save right before you talk to people and do the following:


    What ever is the highest is the one they are, or if you see two of them light up, which ever is the highest amount of bars the first time, and usually the most amount of times is the one. Find out as much Info as you can from the person before pressing button for Pheromone (doesn’t consume energy), you will usually get very useful information you wouldn’t normally get when you use it. It is very helpful against winning arguments, so its an instant Silver Tongue XP. Also during Bartender Quest this comes up as VERY invaluable, read on if you want to know


    it gives you options you would never have. Select APPEASE because she is an Alpha, then tell her to give up the money, NOT THE CHIP, if you take the chip he doesn’t give you the praxis kit and says the deal is off cause you waisted his time. However, if you got the money, go back to the Bartender, hand the money over, and you get the praxis kit. This way you don’t need to pay out 5000k, or kill the Bartender causing you problems at the Hive.

    It also helps during many side quests like getting codes, passwords, and other things you wouldn’t normally receive.

  • Carl

    If you do the Bartender side quest, pay him the 5k, he gives you the praxis. If you kill him after that you can loot him and get the 5k back on a credit chip… Just to let you know.

  • marcus

    go to game options and one of the last options allows you to highlight any items you can pick up or anything
    you can interact with ( including breakable walls )… and if you don’t know, you can break them by shooting (6 shotgun blasts will do the trick)… but if there’s a guy behind it, it will still kill them.

  • logan

    pertinent information, dont forget to add that for praxis kit #9, you need to drag the dead body off of the two emp mines that will go off if you just take the kit. that and dude comes out to kill you.. xD
    just sayin, its nice to know.

    • logan

      just pick up the mines like you would after disarming them and they won’t go off in your face.

    • Ali Asif

      Thanks Logan, added. :)

  • Simone

    Can’t find the #3…i’m playng at deus ex difficulty, i’m in the sewers on derelict row but i can’t find the wall to be break

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      It’s in the eastern corner, in a dead-end south of sewer entrance.

  • Will

    I received a praxis from Malik after completing the quest about the murder of Malik’s friend in Hengsha – she gives it to you outside the Hive.

  • Will

    I received a praxis from Faridha after completing the quest about the death of Faridha’s friend outside the Hive Club in hengsha.

  • xmaddoggx

    Found another hidden praxis kit location. It is in the sewers after finishing talking to Sandovol. You will need the blast through walls augment to find it as well as finding some credits and a ammo capacity upgrade for your weqpons. After heading out to the right after talking to Sandovol head left down the hall then turn right. You will see a weak part of the wall. Here you will get some credits and the ammo capacity upgrade. After getting said items head right and then turn right down again. Drop down the ladder, go to the locked door on your up ahead on the left and hack it. Turn left then follow the hall down all the way to the little bridge up ahead cross it and turn left. Head all the way down past another bridge and there will be a baricade blocking your way. Hop over the baricade stay to the right and follow it down to the end. You will find another weakend wall bust through and grab the praxis kit and some more credits! Hope this helps and remember always explore. There are goodies everywhere!

  • Choke

    number 2 and 10 are the same one ?

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      got mixed up, my fault. =)

  • murgo

    regarding the one spirochete is talking about:

    i got the praxis kit from bobby bao by completing his quest and choosing to pay the 5000 credits :)

  • spirochete

    In the hive club, I killed the bartender on the ground floor (Bobby bad, I think his name was…) and looted a praxis kit off his corpse.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Thanks Spirocheta, I have added that in the article.

    • asd

      alternately, do the quest he gives.

      • NinjaJesus

        Yeah, if you just do his quest you get one as well.

  • Matthew

    There is another Praxis kit that isn’t mentioned. I can’t remember where I found it exactly but it was near the end of the game IN a desk drawer somewhere. If I find it again, I will leave a comment of the location so you can add it to the guide. I’m pretty sure it is one of the offices of the building you are saving the scientists from near the end. And thank you, this guide was extremely helpful!!