Black Ops Cold War Zombies: Best Training Spots In Mauer Der Toten

Train the dead.

The endless supply of undead in Mauer Der Toten allows for new records to be set in Black Ops Cold War zombies, but it can all fall short if you’re not in the right place at the right time. That’s where training/camping comes into play.

If you’re trying to set a new record on zombies playing solo or with a team, use this guide to find the best training spots on Mauer Der Toten.

Best training spots in Mauer der Toten

Knowing the ins and outs of some solid training spots comes in pretty hand in the post-apocalyptic world of Mauer Der Toten, especially if you’re playing with a full squad and each member is looking to hunt down separate hoards of zombies.

Below, we have detailed the four best camping spots that we know of, along with their pros and cons. So, let’s begin!

Spawn Area

The first training spot players can use is the rooftop of the destroyed building in the spawn area. It’s a very open area which can help to easily create a train of zombies. With easy navigation of the area, the open space can also help to quickly escape the rushing zombies.


  • Buildable bench below the rooftop
  • Ammo crate in the middle of the rooftop
  • The zipline is close by if things get messy.


  • The closest armor station is across the zip line in the hallway underneath the hotel. So, it’s difficult to grab a piece of armor mid-round, especially in the late-game.

Hotel Room 305

An unconventional but useful training spot for Mauer Der Toten is the Hotel Room 305 where the players got a hold of the CRBR-S wonder weapon. The room is a tight squeeze but with the right set of equipment, players can easily survive higher rounds in that room as there’s only one way of entry, the front door.

Playing with a team can help players set a new high record. Place one of the team members at the front door and the rest at the alleyway is a recipe for ultimate annihilation in Mauer Der Toten.


  • Tight Space only one way of entry and exit


  • Armor Station and Ammo Crates are placed in the main street causing players to keep on juggling In and out of the room.
  • Less skilled players can find themselves in trouble while reloading.

Sewer Access Train Spot

The next area on our list is the Sewers. The sewer area is right below East Berlin Street and is a good spot for training zombies.

The sewers are fairly open and the pillars around the sewers can be of great use to create a train of zombies. However, this training spot can only work if the door connecting to the sewer access train station is closed as opening it will cause more zombies to rush at you.

The best way to optimize the training area is to stick close to the armor bench and keep on moving back and forth.


  • The ammo crate and armor bench are close by
  • Pillars help to slow down the rushing zombies making it easier to dodge.


  • This only works if the door to the Sewer Access train station is closed.
  • The only route for escaping is the zipline that leads to the Power Room.

East Berlin Streets

If the sewer access isn’t your cup of tea then the next best area for training zombies is the East Berlin Street in Mauer Der Toten. The long-stretched street works perfectly for creating a train of zombies in higher quantities, especially for beginners.


  • All the necessary items are nearby; a buildable bench in the grocery store, a Juggernog Machine in the bar across the street, and an Armor Machine in the electronics store.
  • Many ways to escape; multiple vertical zip lines, two entries into the train station


  • Too many obstacles are scattered around the area.

West Berlin Streets

The last spot is an ideal location for training a large sum of zombies in Mauer Der Toten which is the western section of the Berlin Streets. The huge area is free from any obstacles or pillars and lets you roam freely in any direction you want.


  • Pack-A-Punch is nearby.
  • Armor Station is right next to the PaP.
  • The trial computer is nearby allowing you to get legendary rewards including the Wonder Weapon.
  • Two zip lines are available for a quick escape.
  • The ammo carte is on the western section of the street net to the debris.


  • The open area allows for zombies to come from all four directions.
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