CoD Cold War Zombies Mauer Der Toten Best Train Spots

Since there is a limitless supply of zombies in CoD Cold War Zombies, it’s best that you cause them to bunch together and then get rid of entire undead hordes. That’s where the training/camping spots come into play. This guide will get you up to speed with the best training spots in the Mauer Der Toten map of Call of Duty Cold War Zombies.

Zombies Mauer Der Toten Best Train Spots

Knowing the ins and outs of some solid training spots comes in pretty hand in the post-apocalyptic world of Cold War Zombies Mauer Der Toten, especially if you’re playing with a full squad and each member is looking to hunt down separate hoards of zombies.

Below, we have detailed the four best camping spots that we know of, along with their pros and cons. So, let’s begin!

We have listed some Cold War Zombies training and camping spots below, starting from worst to best.

Sewer Access Train Spot

The first training spot on our list is sewer access. It is a fairly open spot, and you can make good use of the pillars here to run a figure-eight pattern while training.

Note that you must make sure that the door connecting the sewer access to the train tracks is closed for this camping spot to work.


The best strategy you can adopt here is to stick to the side with the armor bench and run a figure right, back and forth around the pillars.


  • Armor bench and ammo crate in the same room
  • Pillars help to bunch the zombies together for easy elimination


  • Need a certain door closed for the spot to work successfully
  • If you get into a pinch, you can only escape through the zip line in the backroom or the door towards the power.

East Berlin Streets Camping Spot

Being the biggest area of the map, this spot works great, especially for less-skilled players since you don’t have to follow a specific running pattern, like figure-eight. You can run however you like.


  • All the necessary items are nearby; a buildable bench in the grocery store, a Juggernog Machine in the bar across the street, and an Armor Machine in the electronics store.
  • Many ways to escape; multiple vertical zip lines, two entries into the train station


  • Too many obstacles scattered all over the streets – cars, lamp posts, etc.

Apartment Rooftop Camping Spot

It’s the camping spot where you spawn in Mauer Der Toten. It’s a nice and open spot that is very easy to navigate. According to your preference, you can either resort to a figure eight or running in circles up and down the roof.


  • Buildable bench in the hallway beneath the rooftop
  • An ammo crate exactly in the middle of the roof


  • The closest armor station is across the zip line in the hallway underneath the hotel. So, it’s difficult to grab a piece of armor mid-round, especially in the late game.

West Berlin Street

You’ll find this camping spot on the side of the Berlin Streets with a big tank close to a Pack-A-Punch. Its sheer openness allows you to run around however you want.


  • An ammo crate at the back of the street by the broken rubble
  • A Pack-A-Punch right behind in case you need to upgrade a weapon
  • An armor station to the right of Pack-A-Punch
  • Trial computer in front of the big tank that allows you to spam the trial and acquire the wonder weapon
  • Two zip lines on either side of the street alleyway for a quick escape