Zelda: Breath of the Wild Hinox Boss Battle Guide

Our Zelda: Breath of the Wild Hinox Boss Guide is here to help you find and defeat the Hinox found all across the Hyrule in different variations.

You can find different variations of Hinox scattered all across the in-game world. Hinox are usually asleep, allowing you to sneak up and land a couple of hits before it wakes up.

Moreover, most of these enemies have loot on them. If you have a stealth armor, you can grab the loot without fighting. But if it’s not your style, you can check out our strategies mentioned below!

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Zelda: Breath of the Wild Hinox Boss Battle

As you might’ve guessed by seeing them, Hinox’s eye is the weak spot. Use arrows in your inventory to target the eye followed by getting in close to deal some damage using your melee weapon.

You’ll have plenty of time so try to deal as much damage as possible.

If you see Hinox pick up a tree trunk, make sure to move away quickly. This thing not only does an incredible amount of damage but also has ridiculous range.

You need to avoid getting hit by it at all costs. The same is true if you see the boss trying to jump, it causes a great AOE (area of effect) attack with loads of damage.

Since weapons break easily in this game, an easy way to start off with free weapons is getting them off of the boss.

You can do this in stealth mode but you could also paraglide and then drop onto its stomach, enabling Link to snag the various weapons that a Hinox will always have around its neck.

After you manage to bring Hinox down to about 50% HP, it will start to cover its eye with its hands. At this point, there is no need to waste any arrows so try to be patient and find your openings.

You can also try and hit it with a melee weapon but it’s risky. Always try to move towards the back of the Boss, for close quarters combat during this phase.

Finally, if you have the Stasis Rune, you can use it to target the eye with your arrows but it requires you to be quick.

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