How To Fly In Zelda Breath Of The Wild

Flying in Zelda Breath of The Wild may sound like gliding with your Paraglider or using the updrafts. But flying in Zelda BOTW is possible...

Flying in Zelda Breath of The Wild may sound like gliding with your Paraglider or using the updrafts. But flying in Zelda BOTW is possible without using the Paraglider. Certain glitches can help you to fly in the skies of Hyrule, but there is a mechanical way through which you can fly in Zelda BOTW, known as the Airship. However, there are specific prerequisites to do so.

How to build the Airship in Zelda BOTW

Building a perfect Airship in Zelda BOTW is not hard. However, you need to gather 2x Minecarts and assemble them using Magnesis. There are 10 Minecarts in Hyrule, 2 of which are found in Hyrule’s Castle, and the rest of the 8 Minecarts in Death Mountain.

Since you need 2x Minecarts to build the Zelda BOTW Airship, you can either go and gather them from Hyrule Castle by fast traveling to Saas Ko’sah Shrine if you have it unlocked and follow the pin locations on the map; however, finding the Minecarts in Hyrule Castle takes a lot of time, the most effective way is by collecting the Minecarts from Death Mountain.

On Death Mountain in Zelda BOTW, head to Daqa Koh Shrine and follow the road West. After running for some time, you will find a minecart at the edge of a small mountain, then follow the railway track to see the other Minecart too.

The alternative group of the Minecarts can be found on the Isle of Rabac; fast travel to Shora Hah Shrine and ride the rail down to the first stop using the Minecart and Bombs; you will find the other Minecart to build the Airship in Zelda Breath of the Wild.

If you haven’t completed the Shora Hah Shrine, you can head to Shae Mo’sah Shrine next to Goron City. You can either take the Minecart on top of the hill and run a little to the North or take the Minecart on the hill and ride it down the railway.


Setting up the Airship

To build the Airship to fly in Zelda BOTW, you must first put one Minecart on flat, stable ground. Take the Minecart and face it perpendicular to the ground.

When placing the Minecart on top of the other, you will have to set it down on the wall of the back ridge, i.e., The straight and flat surface of the Minecart; doing so will make the already lying Minecart face upwards at around a 45-degree angle and the top Minecart will be lying flat.

How to fly the Airship in Zelda Breath of the Wild

Before flying the Airship, you have to change specific controls such as; turning “Aim with motion controls,” setting HUD mode to Normal for easier controls and marking the location on the map you want to travel to know precisely the angle when flying in the air.

Now to start flying in Zelda BOTW, you have to stand in front, up close to the lower Minecart, and pull the lower Minecart using Magnesis. You must keep nudging Link towards the center to avoid falling. For example, when you turn right, nudge Link towards the right side to keep him in the center of the Airship at all costs.

Not doing so will result in the breakage of the Airship. However, you can build it up as often as your Magnesis detects it in Zelda Breath of the Wild.

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