How To Get Sporebloom In Remnant 2?

Sporebloom is a very unique weapon in Remnant 2 and has a very good single-shot damage of 200 per shot as well as option for other mods.

Remnant 2 requires you to upgrade to powerful weapons to take down deadly bosses, and one such weapon is the Sporebloom Long Gun, returning from the previous game. This bad boy packs a serious punch and can take down strong bosses from a distance within a few shots.

As powerful as this weapon sounds, acquiring it is the tricky bit. No wonder the players are buzzing about getting their hands on it, but don’t worry, we have you covered! This guide contains the roadmap for getting your hands on the Sporebloom in Remnant 2.

Complete The Campaign

To get your hands on Sporebloom Long Gun, complete the main story campaign in Veteran Difficulty. After you’ve completed the storyline, head to Brabus’s Shop in Ward 13, where you can purchase it for 1,500 scrap.

Sporebloom Weapon Stats, Mods, and Mutators

Sporebloom is a unique weapon with excellent single-shot damage of 200 per shot. You can fire a maximum of 3 shots in a second. However, you have to reload after every shot. The Sporebloom has a decent Critical Hit Chance of 5% and a 100% damage bonus for your shot on weak spots.

Another way Sporebloom in Remnant 2 can deal great damage is through its weapon mod, Spore Shot. In this mod, the weapon will deal 125 damage to short-range enemies within a distance of 6m with the help of Spores.

Sporebloom leaves toxic gas upon explosion, slowly killing enemies at a rate of 7 damage per second for 7 seconds. One good thing about Sporebloom is that you can equip it with Mutator within its integrated slot. It does not come with its own mutators but can apply any ranged mutator on Sporebloom.

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