What To Do After Finishing The Story In Remnant 2

Remnant 2 has a plethora of content that you can enjoy even after finishing the story. Here's all you can do.

Remnant 2 features an engaging storyline that will keep you entertained for hours. You’re tasked with stopping the Root, which has devastated many worlds. Eventually, you’ll complete the story and get the ending. This raises the question of what to do after finishing the story in Remnant 2.

The campaign is not all that Remnant 2 offers. There’s a plethora of content you can explore again and again due to the procedurally generated nature of the game. You can also try adventure mode, reroll your campaign, try another archetype, and much more.

Re-roll the campaign

Rerolling the campaign allows you to start a New Game Plus run of the game. You get to keep all your stuff, including your progress level, loot, etc. So you start the game already leveled up. However, everything else will be different. You will experience the story differently since everything you saw before wouldn’t be there.

Different elements of the game will also be randomized. You will see some new cinematics and go through new areas. The order of enemies also gets randomized. So, essentially you will be playing a completely new campaign and not just replaying the older one.

Try different archetypes

Ever wondered how the game would play out if you had chosen a different archetype? After finishing the story with your current archetype in Remnant 2, you can head back in and try another class.

Each Archetype brings something new to the table and lets you get a new playing experience. You can try your luck with a lot of them. Moreover, you can also find some hidden archetypes to further increase your options.


Change the difficulty

After you have finished the story, try another difficulty and challenge yourself. The enemies will be harder and smarter, keeping you on your toes. Since you’ll likely be rerolling, you’ll get a randomized world where you can have a fresh experience.

The game will give a new challenge for you to conquer. See how far your gaming skills take you and how many enemies you can take out.

Play with a friend

If you played solo the first time, try playing with a friend and see how the shared experience turns out. Remnant 2 has a co-op mode where you can easily play with your friends. If you have already played in co-op mode, then try playing through the game on your own after finishing the story in Remnant 2.

The point is to give yourself a fresh experience. Depending on what your playthrough was like, switch it up the next time for a new experience. Having help will make going through certain areas easier, and you’ll have more fun.

Play Adventure Mode

Have you ever wished to replay a boss battle with better equipment? Did you miss out on a particular challenge you wanted to try again? Well, with adventure mode, you can do just that. Adventure mode enables you to replay different sections of the game.

After finishing the story, use adventure mode to test your skill. And this will keep you occupied for a while. You can reroll in adventure mode and get a new randomized world. Adventure mode is the way to go if you want to get your hands on a particular item or gear piece.

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