What To Do After Finishing The Story In Remnant 2?

Remnant 2 has a plethora of content that you can enjoy even after finishing the story. Here's all you can do.

Your journey in Remnant 2 never ends despite exploring different worlds and finishing the storyline. As the game masters, we offer a variety of new challenges and experiences that can give you a new start even after stopping the Root and destroying many worlds.

This world constantly shifts, with its landscapes and encounters reshaping with each playthrough. This reshaping opens doors for endless exploration and mastery, keeping you entertained for hours.

The campaign is not all that Remnant 2 offers. Due to the game’s procedurally generated nature, you can explore a plethora of content again and again. You can also try adventure mode, reroll your campaign, try another archetype, and much more.

1. Re-roll the Campaign

remnant 2 after story

Rerolling in Remnant 2 can give you a vastly different gaming experience, as each playthrough is different. The idea of rerolling is to restart your campaign from the beginning, allowing you to start New Game Plus while retaining your progress and stats. This means you can keep your hard-earned points and level up faster.

Another perk of rerolling is that it allows you to encounter different cutscenes, adding to the overall variety and excitement of the game. Items, loots, drops, weapon mods, and even the order of bosses will be randomized in the game. To reroll, you must head to Ward 13 and interact with the crystal checkpoint. This creates a new save and allows you to start a new game.

2. Try Different Archetypes

Have you ever wondered how the game would play out if you had chosen a different archetype? Once you finish the game with one archetype, you can switch to another to gain new playing experience.

Each Archetype brings something new to the table and lets you have a new playing experience. You can try your luck with many of them. Moreover, you can also find some hidden archetypes to further increase your options.

3. Change the Difficulty

remnant 2 after story

After you’ve completed the story and upgraded your player, try switching to a different difficulty level to test yourself in Remnant 2. The enemies will be harder and smarter, keeping you on your toes. Since you’ll likely be rerolling, you’ll get a randomized world where you can have a fresh experience.

The game will give you a new challenge to conquer. See how far your gaming skills take you and how many enemies you can take out.

4. Play with a friend

If your first exploration was solo, try the co-op mode in Remnant 2 after finishing the story. This allows you to gain new experience while playing with friends, random players, or alone.

By joining the co-op mode, you can join players in their world and help them defeat bosses and overcome challenges. Depending on what your playthrough was like, switch it up the next time for a new experience. Having help will make going through certain areas easier, and you’ll have more fun.

5. Play Adventure Mode

remnant 2 after story

Have you ever wished to replay a boss battle with better equipment? Did you miss out on a particular challenge you wanted to try again? Well, with adventure mode, you can do just that. Adventure mode enables you to replay different sections of the game.

After finishing the story, use adventure mode to test your skills. This will keep you occupied for a while. You can reroll in adventure mode and enter a new, randomized world. Adventure mode is the way to go if you want to get your hands on a particular item or gear piece.

6. Collecting Items and Upgrading Gears

As you reroll the campaign and start again from the beginning, focus on collecting weapons, armor sets, rings, amulets, traits, and weapon mods. This will help you switch between builds and face stronger bosses with powerful archetypes.

While exploring the worlds on reroll, upgrade your gears on high levels by maxing out the traits. This will help you clear out all three difficulties of the game so you can earn exclusive rewards.

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