How To Level Up Fast In NBA 2K23

Just like in previous installments, the new NBA 2K23 hosts seasons all through the year that works like a traditional battle pass.

You can level up during a season to unlock various rewards based on your level and tier. Note that each season lasts for two months and the maximum level you can attain is level 40.

For the current, first season, you can unlock the Pink Diamond Scottie Pippen card by hitting level 40 before the season ends.

The following guide will help you reach that goal by telling you the fastest way to level up in NBA 2K23.

How to level up quickly in NBA 2K23

You require experience points (XP) to level up in the game. The most basic way to farm XP is by simply playing matches as much as you can. However, there are some additional ways through which can earn bonus XP on the side.

Complete daily challenges

The easiest and fastest way to level up is to by completing daily challenges for bonus XP. You will get a new set of challenges on a daily basis provided that you completed the previous ones. Most of these daily challenges can be completed just by playing a match. Some challenges will require you to do a specific feat of strength.

Note that you can earn around 400 XP every day by completing daily challenges.

Complete weekend challenges

In addition to daily challenges, there are weekend challenges that give you another way to obtain some extra level-ups.

Weekend challenges grant a lot more XP in comparison to their daily counterparts. They also ramp up the difficulty ceiling a bit more.

You can earn around 6,000 XP over the weekend by completing weekend challenges. That gets added to the daily challenges you can complete on the weekends.

Complete seasonal challenges

Your goal will be to reach level 40 during a season to unlock the highest-tier rewards. During that journey, you will have several seasonal tip-off challenges (agendas/tasks) to complete. These are not mandatory in any way but completing them will help you reach level 40 more quicker.

Check your event schedule

Make it a habit to keep a track of the event schedule in your What’s New section when playing MyCareer. There will sometimes be special events that grant you double XP for the day by meeting certain requirements.

For example, on the day NBA 2K23 came out, there was a Happy 2K Day event where you could earn double XP by wearing a special 2K Day apparel in the city.

Activate double XP tokens

You can also use double XP tokens to boost the amount of XP earned in the game. You can purchase double XP tokens from the store or unlock them as rewards for leveling up in a season or through lockers.

Something important to note is that double XP tokens stack with double XP events. Hence, pop a token to gain a massive amount of XP if you see a special event happening.

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