How To Earn XP In NBA 2k23 Fast?

In NBA 2k23, earning XP is paramount as it allows you to level up. Leveling up grants you access to rewards and will make you a legend.

In NBA 2K23, earning experience points (XP) is crucial for leveling up. Playing matches consistently is the most basic method, but additional strategies exist to gain bonus XP. Mastering these techniques will significantly improve your XP gain and accelerate your progress toward coveted rewards.

Like its predecessors, NBA 2K23 requires character progression through leveling up. Higher levels unlock valuable benefits, including boosts, cosmetic items, and virtual currency. While perseverance unlocks most rewards, specific strategies significantly boost XP acquisition. The following guide will help you reach that goal by telling you the fastest way to level up in NBA 2K23.

Complete Daily Challenges

One basic and easiest way to gain bonus XP is to complete daily challenges. These challenges are completed simply by playing a match, but they require a specific feat of strength. You can earn around 400 XP each day by completing the daily challenges.

Complete Weekend Challenges

You can get extra XP by completing weekend challenges in addition to the daily challenges. These are important as they offer more XP and have slightly higher difficulty levels than daily challenges. These rewards are around 6,000 XP.

Complete Seasonal Challenges

Your goal will be to reach level 40 during a season to unlock the highest-tier rewards. During that journey, you will have several seasonal tip-off challenges (agendas/tasks) to complete. These are not mandatory in any way, but completing them will help you reach level 40 more quickly.

Activate Double XP Tokens

You can also use double XP tokens to boost the amount of XP earned in the game. You can purchase double XP tokens from the store or unlock them as rewards for leveling up in a season or through lockers.

Something important to note is that double XP tokens stack with double XP events. Hence, pop a token to gain massive XP if you see a special event happening.

Powerup Events

NBA 2K23 hosts special Powerup events that help you gain extra XP by just playing it. Joining such events can significantly boost your rank to around 11 levels. Though these events pop up randomly, you need to keep checking your schedule and join the event to level up by playing a limited number of games.

Playing Rec Games

Apart from playing events, REC is another means of leveling up fast in NBA 2K23. One advantage of REC is that it can be played with any guard build.

Playing Pro-AM

Pro-AM has been the best way of leveling up since NBA 2k20, as it gives you way more rep and VC than playing other part games. You can either play 3v3 or 5v5; it doesn’t matter. All you need to do is make a team. Once you make the team, play the game, and you will be flying through levels really quickly.

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