Zelda: Breath of the Wild Bosh Kala Shrine Guide

This Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Bosh Kala shrine guide will help players in completing this shrine and successfully solving the puzzle that awaits within to collect their spirit orb.

Bosh Kala shrine requires good use of paraglider so players should get experience with that before attempting the shrine.

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Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Bosh Kala Shrine

Upon first entering the shrine, players need to run up the stairs right in front of them and then jump off the platform to the left.

After jumping, they need to use their paraglider which will result in them being carried to the other end of the room with the breeze. On the other end will be a treasure chest with some amber inside it.

After picking up the amber, players need to jump back down to the floor and then go up the stairs in the middle, turn left, jump and paraglide across the gap.

While gliding, players will eventually hit a screen and then land on the ground. Once they land, they need to turn right and jump off the ledge in the middle of the platform and glide again, letting the wind carry them.

As soon as players pass over the next platform, they need to press the B button to drop down on solid ground.

Now players have two paths, immediately go left and pick up the spirit orb or go right for another loot chest that contains Soldier’s Claymore.

To get to the loot chest, players need to climb the stairs to the left, only about halfway through, and then turn around and sprint towards the platform where the loot chest is.

While sprinting, they need to jump and open up their paraglider which will result in the wind propelling them forward towards the platform. Once up there, they can open up the treasure chest for Soldier’s Claymore.

Once players have looted the chest, they can simply go back and climb up the stairs normally to pick up the spirit orb and complete the Bosh Kala shrine.

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