Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Combat Tips

In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, the focus of all gameplay strategies is Combat. It involves an effective posture, efficient use of the Spirit...

In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, the focus of all gameplay strategies is Combat. It involves an effective posture, efficient use of the Spirit gauge, and balanced use of defensive and offensive strikes. Depleting the enemy’s Spirit gauge and dodging his heavy strikes is one of the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty combat tips.

Because successful aggressive attacks can lead you to guaranteed victories in the initial and later game stages. If you don’t know about these tips, don’t worry; here, we will cover all the tips and tricks that will make your Wo Long Fallen Dynasty gameplay much smoother.

Mastering Wo Long Fallen Dynasty’s combat

The Combat system of Wo Long Fallen Dynasty has much significance in the overall gaming practice. Combining the offensive and defensive fight approaches and applying the tips above and techniques can assure you of a seamless battle and gameplay experience.

The following are some of the best Wo Long Fallen Dynasty combat tips and tricks for you to follow,

The best playstyle

It can be pretty unnerving as a beginner to lose several battles in the starting phases of the gameplay, and this mostly happens because of the impatient style of playing. We recommend, especially to beginners, to apply a defensive approach in the game as it can help restore the required Spirit for survival, undo the enemy’s heavy attacks, and turn them in your favor.

The Spirit Gauge is your primary resource

The tiny gauge below the health bar can be negative (Orange) or positive (Blue). Normal attacks do not require Spirit usage; their application increases the bar to the positive side. While the Spirit attacks, or heavy attacks, cost you a decrease in spirit gauge.

Remember to go in a tough fight only with a full Spirit gauge. This can significantly increase the damage power of your strikes and make you less susceptible to the possible enemy’s heavy Spirit attacks.

Your Spirit attacks damage the Spirit of your foes, making them staggered and vulnerable to attacks in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. However, it will also somewhat lessen your spirit bar’s level.

  • You gain Spirit gauge by Deflecting attacks and making continuous regular attacks.
  • You lose Spirit gauge by dodging/ blocking heavy attacks or performing unlimited Martial Arts.

Your enemies also possess a spirit gauge, which works similarly to your spirit system.

Use the Posture meter against your foes

The Posture System is a measure of the stance a player has in the game. The Posture meter of foes gets filled by effectively deflecting the heavy attacks of your foes. Once complete, you can break the enemy, making him defenseless to your “Spirit Attacks.”

However, remember the fact that you also possess a posture meter, which fills up in Wo long Fallen Dynasty by:

  • Blocking an attack
  • Deflecting a strike fruitlessly
  • Getting hit
  • Martial Arts

To break the enemy’s stance more effectively, perform a well-organized usage of Martial Arts, as they are pretty potent in dealing substantial damage to the posture of opponents.

Divine Beasts an excellent battle resource

When you encounter an unbeatable foe, these Divine Beasts become the rescuers even after using their expert techniques and abilities. They are pretty resourceful and can provide passive advantages to the wielders. You can summon or imbue them in your weapons to enhance their potency.

Unlocking the Divine Beasts in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is a relatively easy task that can be done mostly after finishing a boss fight. You must not miss these resourceful beasts in the next phases of the game, as even the advanced geeks need them to encounter more challenging bosses.

Practice Deflecting enemy Attacks

Deflecting the fatal strikes thrown upon yourself by foes can be a powerful strategy for long-term survival in this game. You can press the Direction + Dodge to deflect the received attack. Successfully deflecting the attacks increases your spirit bar, and eventually, you can blow heavy strikes at foes.

Learn Wizardry Spells

For each of the five Virtues in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, you have got Wizardry Spells. These spells correspond to their related Stats. If your enemy possesses the Earth Wizardry Spell, he will exhibit defensive abilities. Now, the Wood Wizardry Spell will help you to undo the Earth effect and pierce through his defense.

This implies that Wo Long Wizardry Spells are counter to each other. One Spell neutralizes the effect of others, making your defense significantly better.

Remember that using every Virtue’s magical Spell is not wise. Instead, use the ones in which your level is high enough. For example, if your Fire Virtue level is higher than all others, you should learn and prioritize using Fire Wizardry spells.

Morale Rank is your ultimate defense

The Morale Rank measures the “Threat level” that a character potentially possesses. Technically speaking, we can say that this rank uplifts the level of defense and the damage of attacks of both the player and the enemy. A higher Morale Rank in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty will indicate that you can defend yourself from attacks and deal more damage to them.

Defeating enemies, Landing powerful Martial Arts attacks, and successful fatal strikes will build up your Morale Rank, making your defense much more potent. In addition, finding the Flagpoles can enable you to increase the Morale Rank of your player, making your strikes more potent and dealing extensive damage to the enemies.

Use Stealth if you run out of Spirit

Stealth is an excellent way of attacking your foes without even being distressed about your spirit gauge. Many gameplay scenarios will present some verticality to you, where you can climb above to make a fatal attack on the enemies from above them.

This attack deals significant damage and is often a one-shot knockdown attack, even for challenging enemies. You will benefit from Stealth powered attacks against bothersome enemies you cannot defeat even after trying all your other abilities and battle tricks.

Do not forget to place Battle Flags

Battle Flags are effectively a version of bonfires in this game. After you put the Main Battle Flags, they will act as checkpoints upon which you respawn after you die. Moreover, you can interact with them to level up, learn new Wizardry Spells, and change your Summons.

Similarly, it would be best to consider placing Marking Flags as they elevate your Fortitude Rank. This rank is a blocker to prevent the Morale rank from going down from a specific value.

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