How To Do A Fatal Strike In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty you will need to perform a move like fatal strike when fighting the bosses and breaking into some buildings or...

The Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Fatal Strike is a move that involves sneaking at the enemy from above or back or striking the final blow to the enemy. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a game where you will face many challenges/missions that involve you fighting the bosses and breaking into some buildings or crossing an enemy territory.

You will need a move like Fatal Strike that inflicts heavy damage quickly when doing such things. Seeing its importance, you cannot afford to miss out on this move.

How to Fatal Strike in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

When we talk about the fatal strikes in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, there are two types of fatal strikes in the game. Number one is about striking an oblivious foe, and the second is striking during the battle. Both these are very effective in the game, so you need to learn and perform them.  

Perform a fatal strike from stealth

When your enemy is unaware of your presence, the fatal strike is a great way to instantly kill some basic enemies in Wo Long. Your focus should be to make an attack that is not visible to your enemy. It means that attacking from the front is not an option.

A possible fatal attack is about pinning them from above. When an enemy is closer, look for a way to get above him, like climbing a hill, a house, etc. Once you are above him, press Y or triangle while jumping at him. It will inflict a fatal strike on him and if the enemy is of a lower morale rank than you, it might even kill them.

Another way to perform a stealthy fatal strike is to sneak close to an enemy. While Wo Long doesn’t have a crouch or stealth option, you can perform a slow walk to silently get close to an enemy from behind. Once within range of your weapon, you should see a red circle on the enemy. Press the attack button (Y or triangle) to perform a fatal strike.

Striking during the battle

If you find yourself in a battle and want to inflict heavy damage, there is a way to use a fatal strike in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

First, you must fight so that you are not conceding a lot of damage and your opponent is losing energy. Focus on filling the enemy’s negative spirit gauge (red/orange bar). Once the bar is filled, the enemy will be stunned. Whether it is a boss or a regular enemy, the stun mechanic works the same.

As they are stunned, you will see a red circle glowing in them. That means you can perform a fatal strike on them. Simply get close to the enemy and press the button to deal massive damage. It is the most effective move when fighting against powerful foes.

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