Wild Hearts Weapons Tier List: The Best And Worst Weapons

We have divided all the weapons in Wild Hearts into a tier list so you get an idea of which ones are the best to use.

When it comes to hunting games and taking down giant Kemono(s) in Wild Hearts, the best weapons will go a long way in ensuring victory.

You have a total of eight different weapons to choose from, each presenting a unique combat style. Offering a unique combat style does not mean that it can fit into every situation, as some encounters will require close-range weapons, while others require long-range.

One way to find out which weapon suits you best is to practice the different combos a weapon has and track your learning curve with it. Another way would be to look at the type and damage output of the weapon to see how well it works in most situations.

That said, some weapons will always be better than others in terms of ease of use and damage output in most cases. To avoid practicing with each weapon and to save time, it would be helpful to have a list of all of the Wild Hearts weapons ranked.

Wild Hearts weapons tier list

There are several factors to consider when deciding which weapons rank at the top in Wilds Hearts. The Wild Hearts weapons tier list in our guide has given damage output, versatility with different Kemono, Karakuri compatibility, and overall ease of use the priority.

Damage Output is probably the most important factor for players out there. A weapon that provides a higher damage per second (DPS) value is preferred because it can end the fight very quickly, reducing your chances of getting killed as compared to a long fight.

With damage output or power, in simpler terms, another factor to consider is the weapons’ ease of use. If a weapon provides massive damage but isn’t usable due to its difficult usage, then it is worthless. A weapon that holds a balance between damage output and ease of use is always preferred over a powerful weapon that’s impossible to use.

Moreover, of the whole plethora of different types of Kemono in Wild Hearts, you would notice that some of them are resistant to some weapons. Weapons that can target most of the Kemono’s’ weaknesses aside from being easily used in terms of the Kemono’s size and mobility are always the best choices.

Lastly, weapons that can take good advantage of the building Karakuri is also an important factor to consider. Using the Karakuri and your weapons in harmony, each taking the advantage of the other, will help you win a lot of fights.

Keeping these factors in mind brings us to the Wild Hearts ranked weapons list. This list is subjective though, as it may change for different players giving more importance to different factors according to their playstyle.

Our Wild Hearts weapons tier list is divided into three tiers – the S tier, A tier, and B tier. Since there are only eight weapons within the game, dividing them into more tiers will only become confusing if you want alternatives for a particular weapon.

S-Tier Weapons
These are the absolute best weapons Wild Hearts has to offer. A single one of these weapons holds the potential to help you through the entirety of the game because they work best in most situations. It would be best if you unlocked these weapons early and focus on upgrading them.

A-Tier Weapons
This class of weapons is also very good to consider and works well in most situations. These weapons serve as good alternatives for S-tier weapons but simply lack the magic that they have.

B-Tier Weapons
These weapons aren’t as good as the former two but are still satisfactory enough to carry you throughout most of the early game. You will still, however, need to get your hands on a better tier in the late stages as they won’t suffice for long.

S-TierKarakuri Katana, Karakuri Staff, Bow
A-TierNodachi, Claw Blade, Cannon
B-TierMaul, Bladed Wagasa

Best weapons in Wild Hearts

The best of the best, easy-to-use and highly effective weapons in Wild Hearts fall under the S-tier of the weapons tier list.

Karakuri Katana

The Katana is a great choice for newcomers to the world of Wild Hearts. It’s of medium weight and short range but has great balance and strong offensive capabilities. One of the benefits is that even when attacked by a monster, your Karakuri gauge won’t be lost.

With the Karakuri Katana, you can reach an Unbound State, where it turns into a whip-like blade with extended range and power, allowing you to inflict more damage. You can either go for fast-hitting attacks or more powerful area-effect strikes, but at the expense of your stamina.

If you’re into weapons that cause high damage and interesting whip blades, this might be the one for you!

Karakuri Staff

The Karakuri Staff is a medium-weighted weapon that offers unmatched versatility, such that you can use the Karakuri to mutate between five different forms as you attack. Not only will you be able to show off your skills with flashy style, but you’ll also be able to generate impressive damage.

By utilizing special attack inputs, you can even tap into the most powerful mutation of the Karakuri Staff, the giant sword, which even gives the Nodachi a run for its money.

So, if you’re having difficulty deciding on and sticking to just one weapon, the Karakuri staff and its many forms could be the perfect choice for you – plus, the giant staff looks breathtaking.


If you’re the type who prefers to stay out of harm’s way while still dealing heavy damage, then the bow is the weapon of choice. With its long-range attacks and great mobility, you can dash around your enemy while shooting arrows from a higher stance.

This weapon requires a decent amount of skill and accuracy, but will allow for insanely powerful damaging bursts and explosions of damage so if dealing tons of burst damage at a range while remaining mobile is your goal then the bow is definitely one for you.

You will notice that this is the only long-ranged weapon in the S-Tier. This is because the Bow is the best pick among all of the long-range weapons in the game – so definitely go for the Bow if you’re into a long-range playstyle.

Best starting weapon for beginners

In the earlier stages of the game, you will encounter enemies that are slow, relatively small, and generally weak. As such, you wouldn’t need a deadly, high-tier weapon, as even  B-Tier weapons would suffice.

Perhaps the best weapon which can take care of the slower early-game monsters is the Nodachi. This is a two-handed sword, pretty slow in itself as well but produces a huge amount of damage output.

Another downside of this weapon is its long recovery animations. Regardless, just like with any other weapon in Wild Hearts, you would have to put in a bit of practice with the Nodachi to work around its weakness.

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