Where To Find Mirror Stones and Lightstones In Wild Hearts

Mirror Stone and Lightstone are two late game resources in Wild Hearts that you will need to farm and we will help you find their locations.

Mirror Stones and Lightstones are two types of ores that you need to craft and upgrade certain weapons in Wild Hearts.

These forging materials need to be mined from specific locations and cannot be looted from dead enemies or found in the wild. Mirror Stones, however, can also be farmed by defeating Earthbreaker.

Take note that both ore types only become available after you have reached Chapter 2. For your ease, we will cover the Wild Hearts Mirror Stone and Lightstone locations so you have an idea where these resources are in ample supply and can farm them with ease.

Mirror Stone locations

Wild Heart Mirror Stones can be mined in the Akikure Canyon Region, a new biome that will become available after you have completed Chapter 1. You will need to defeat the following main bosses before you can start the second chapter.

Defeat these bosses and attend the festival. After that, when you talk to Toga-hime, you will enter chapter 2 of Wild Hearts. After starting chapter 2, enter the Akikure Canyon, and you will start seeing the yellow color nodes on rocks and cliff sides.

If you are looking for a more precise location, then searching in the top right portion of the region is a good option. You can enter the following areas to find the Mirror Stone yellow nodes in Wild Hearts.

  • Winter Solstice Cave
  • Gingko Forest
  • Buddha Cave

Enter the cave system near the dragon pit in the image above and you should easily be able to farm plenty of Mirror Stone nodes quickly. Moreover, taking out the Earthbreaker kemono will also help you farm Mirror Stones in Wild Hearts.

Lightstone locations

To mine the Wild Hearts Lightstones, you must progress further in Chapter 2. The whole process of Lightstone farming will start as soon as you enter the Fuyufusagi fort region.

The best places to mine these orange nodes are in the eastern section of the area. Some specific spots that need to search are

  • Cavern Camp
  • Permafrost Lake

Now from these two areas, the cave system is the best one to farm a lot of Lightstones. In the caves, you will find many Orange Lighstones nodes to mine and get your hands on the required resource for weapon crafting and upgrades.

After the caves, if you enter the Permafrost Lake area close to the Chilling Lane dragon pit, you will find some orange nodes to farm Lightstones in Wild Hearts. Here the nodes are usually close to the lake’s boundaries, so there is no need to search other areas.

Tips for mining Mirror Stones and Lightstones

The first method of farming some ores quickly is collecting every colored node in the areas we mentioned above. But if you don’t want to do that, there is an even simpler technique that you can use to automate the whole process of ore collection.

To automate the process, you must build a Tsukumo Ore Shrine dragon karakuri at both places, Fuyufusagai Fort and Akikure Canyon. After placing them at your camp or Dragon pit, you can visit them after the regular interval to collect the five pieces of ores from the surrounding area.

However, the ores you will get are not always the Lighstone and Mirror Stone, as there are other types of ores as well. But since your surrounding area contains Lightstone and Mirror Stone, there is a high chance to get these ores.

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