Wild Hearts Ore Locations Guide

Upgrading your equipment in Wild Hearts requires various types of ores and this guide has the locations for all of them.

In a fast-paced game like Wild Hearts, you regularly need to keep your gear upgraded to face the ever-growing danger of powerful Kemonos you have to face. Ore is one of the items you need to upgrade your gear in Wild Hearts.

Unfortunately, ore nodes are rare and far. Finding these nodes requires a lot of exploring. So knowing Wild Hearts Ore locations become crucial.

Ores are used as crafting and upgrading material in Wild Hearts. Various items you make, such as weapons and consumables, require varying about and different types of ores. As you unlock more gear and upgrade them to a higher tier, you need more ores to continue upgrading and rarer variants. 

Where to find Ore in Wild Hearts?

Now, before you venture out to find these Ores you need to know that there are different types of Ores in Wild Hearts. One of them is ironically called just Ore, and the rest of them have proper names.

The following are all of the ore types in Wild Hearts:

  • Ore 
  • Small Crystal Ore
  • Blue Columnar Ore
  • Golden Hematite Ore
  • Lump of Ore
  • Large Piece of Ore

As you progress through the game, these rarer ore variants are automatically mined from the same ore nodes. So while the appearance of ore nodes remains the same, what you mine from that node depends on which chapter of Wild Hearts you are in. You can switch between chapters through the main map if you are looking for a different ore quality.

Ore is usually found in rocky places of Shipwreck Inlet and the Lava Cave. Both of these locations are in the Natsukodachi Isle. At the start of the game, you have to look for the orange and golden-hued nodes and mine them yourself. Still, you can use Tsukumo Ore Shrine, unlocked in Dragon Karakuri, to automate your mining process. 

You can also purchase Ore from Minato Shop for 400 coins. Ores are generally found in all the chapters, but as you progress, you will start getting Lumps of Ore and Large Pieces of Ore. These are the same ores as others but offer better refinement and a larger amount of Ore. 

In chapter 2, you start getting Lump of Ore from the same ore nodes in the Azuma area, and from chapter 3 onwards, players start getting Large Pieces of Ore from mining nodes that are situated near rocky outcrops as they have the tendency to spawn in those places.

Blue Columnar Ore locations

You can find Blue Columnar Ore in Chapter 3. In order to obtain this Ore you will have to travel to the Natsukodachi Isles, both in Shipwreck Inlet and Lava Caves. The nodes are often found in the corners of the cave.

You must mine them yourself, but you can use Tsukumo Ore Shrine, unlocked in Dragon Karakuri, to automate your mining process. This way you can obtain the Blue Columnar and use it as a forging material to upgrade your weapons once you finish the second chapter of Wild Hearts.

Golden Hematite Ore locations

The Golden Hematite Ore first appears in Chapter 3. The nodes for mining Golden Hematite Ore are in Akikure Canyon. The ore nodes are always located on the canyon’s walls rather than on the ground, so you need to keep an eye out so you don’t miss these nodes. 

You must mine them and farm the Golden Hermite by exploring the Tsukumo Ore Shrine, or through the Northern Cave system which is situated in the Akikure Canyon in Wild Hearts. Lastly, they can be used as forging materials to upgrade your weapons as well.

Small Crystal Ore locations 

Small Crystal Ore is in nodes along the Old Blossom Trail and the Southern Obsidian Cave. Both areas are rich in Small Crystal Ore nodes. 

Like the other Ores, these are also used as forging items/materials for upgrading your weapons as you progress in the game after completing Chapter 2 of Wild Hearts.

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