How To Get Your Custom Loadout In Warzone 2

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 has completely changed how you get your custom loadout drops on the map.

Back in WZ1, you had to purchase and then call in a loadout drop from a buy station. That was one of the main objectives in every match and why players would chase contracts for money to get their loadouts as quickly as possible.

That is no longer available in Warzone 2, or at least it was not until the Season 1 Reloaded update. You still have a number of ways to get your custom loadouts in the game, which mostly boils down to your current match situation.

Getting a loadout in WZ2 is fairly important. You get access to your favorite (and powerful) weapons with the right attachments and gear.

The following guide will tell you how to get a loadout in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.

Wait for loadout crates

You can no longer call in a loadout drop from a buy station in Warzone 2. You have to wait until the first couple of circles close before a plane flies in to drop several loadout crates across the map.


These loadout drops are marked with yellow-crates icons on the map and can be used by all players in the lobby. Hence, you can get your loadout drop for free in Warzone 2 but at the risk of encountering other enemy squads in the area.

This is one of two ways to get your complete customized loadout build with all of your secondary, equipment, and perks.

Capture a Stronghold to access your loadout

Strongholds are AI-controlled outposts that you can raid to get a lot of valuable loot. Find a Stronghold on the map and head inside to defeat all of the AQ Soldiers. Your objective, however, will be to find and defuse a bomb. Once done, you will be able to pick up your custom loadout from the same bomb crate.

This is the second way to get your complete custom loadout that includes both your primary and secondary weapons as well as your perks.

Purchase your primary loadout from a buy station

You can purchase your primary weapon loadout for $5,000 from a buy station.

Take note that you will not get your full loadout, so no secondary weapons, grenades, gear, or perks. You will only get your custom primary weapon with all of its attachments.

If you do not have a good custom loadout, you can purchase a default loadout that will get you a preset primary weapon with all five attachments at the same cost.

This is a great way to get a third weapon if you have a large enough backpack. So, if you have your custom AR and SMG, get a default sniper loadout from a buy station and then swap between weapons as needed.

Purchase your full loadout from a buy station

Warzone 2 has brought back the old way of getting a loadout with the Season 1 Reloaded update.

You can now buy a loadout drop from a buy station to get your full custom loadout, but it will not come cheap.

  • Solos: $8,000
  • Duos: $16,000
  • Trios: $24,000
  • Quads: $32,000

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