How To Solve Tiltren Tomb Puzzle In Wartales

Tiltren Tomb in Wartales presents players with a very complex and elaborate puzzle that can stump even the best minds..

The first tomb players will find in Wartales is the Tiltren Tomb of the Ancients. The mystifying structure of this long tomb can perplex amateurs and experienced players alike. One of the things that will act as a hindrance to your progress is the locked door puzzle. This Wartales Tiltren Tomb puzzle requires players to find three distinct signs/ symbols with different colors in separate parts of the tomb and replicate their shapes on the final keypad to unlock the door.

How to get to the Tiltren Tomb in Wartales

The Tiltren tomb is the first one you will be able to get access to after picking your starting party. For finding the tomb, make your way to the southeast part of the map, right at the far corner side of Tiltren County.

Having reached the tomb, the first thing you need to do is interact with the merchant at the main entrance. Buy the necessary equipment from the guy as you may need them later ahead.

Make sure to purchase as many Torches from the merchant as possible. The areas ahead are pitch black, and you will not be able to navigate through them without having a light source. The cost for one torch is as high as 27 Gold so either farm a lot of gold or steal some.

We will recommend that you should just steal some at the cost of a few suspicion points gained as farming the required gold can take some time. This way is much better than spending your hard-earned money on simple torches. Let’s go inside now!

Wartales Tiltren Tomb Puzzle solution

It is important to note that every player is offered different shaped symbols in this puzzle. The good news is that the location of the three signs/ symbols remains in the same room, so it remains simple enough to keep them in memory.

Having entered the tomb, you will notice that there is nothing important in the first section. Keep moving ahead in the darkness while utilizing torch mindfully, as we do not have an unlimited supply of them in our inventory.

The First Puzzle Symbol

Once you reach the next section with three pathways, left, right, and forward. Walk to the left path first to reach a new room. You will have to use a little bit of light to see through the darkness ahead. In this room, the puzzle wall will be right on the front, with the affirming menu that reads, “Slowly but surely, you reach the other side”.

First, you will have to acquire the Scholar Profession, as no other profession is smart enough to solve this puzzle. If you don’t have it already, simply go to the professions menu, and select the Scholar from there.

As we mentioned earlier, the symbol may be located anywhere but in the same room as the puzzle. In our case, we found it on the floor right in front of the puzzle wall.

Wartales Tiltren Tomb Puzzle solution

Memorize this symbol and Inspect the puzzle to initiate solving pieces. Arrange the stone pieces such that it looks the same as the 1st symbol.

Tip: Write down the shape of all three symbols on your notepad, as you will need to select the exact shapes in the final step of the puzzle solution.

The Second Puzzle Symbol

For the second symbol, return to the first section. This time, go to the right path to reach another room. Explore the room walls (and floor) until you find the 2nd symbol, which will most probably be colored blue. This puzzle requires you to have Bard profession for its solution.

Wartales Tiltren Tomb Puzzle solution

Now look for a statue of a man named Dagan, placed slightly above the ground. Click the Sing option after inspecting the statue. This method unlocks the Bard profession without any further effort.

There are many other methods to get Bard, but this one is the easiest. Proceed with the puzzle pieces solution, and return to the previous section.

The Third Symbol Puzzle

This time after reaching the initial section, move in the forward path (that’s the only one left to explore). As soon as you set foot in the next area, you will feel a warm breath behind your back. This creeper wants to have a taste of human fresh meat (that’s you). Immediately group up with your companions to eliminate the formidable enemy. You will get a mole rat along with other loot after the victory.

The 3rd symbol room is quite similar to the first two. The difference is that it contains a large stone wall to inspect. This wall has multiple symbols all over it but you have to long-press the one that you just found on the room’s floor.

Wartales Tiltren Tomb Puzzle solution

After doing so, move forward to inspect the Rubble on the right side of this room to proceed further.

The Final Room with Tiltren Tomb Door

This room has a chest that the Thief can open (using the Crude Key from the deceased man’s pocket), which gets you some XP. Choose the Scholar profession again for interacting with the tomb door. Now you have to click on the keypad on the right side of the door!

Recall the symbol shapes and colors you just copied for yourself, and start rotating the keypad wheel until a familiar shape comes on the front. Do this for all three colors and then push the bottom button to unlock the tomb door.

Proceeding further will introduce the main tomb, ready to be broken. Use the Miner profession here to do the honors.

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