Wartales Relationships Guide

After taking part in many battles standing alongside each other, your characters in Wartales can develop relationships and get close...

After taking part in many battles standing alongside each other, your characters in Wartales can develop relationships and get close to each other. One companion’s support for the other prompts a mutual connection. In this way, Wartales offers a range of relationship options, including like, love, and adore.

Our guide below will help you understand the complete relationship mechanism and its aspects in Wartales.

Methods to improve relationships in Wartales

The relationship feature in Wartales does not work like the romance in most RPGs. It is more of a friendship between different characters than a bond made of pure love. Wartales offers two methods to improve the in-game relationship.

Method 1) Help a companion in need

The basic and most efficient method of enhancing the relationship level between your companions is simply fighting alongside them in battles. Never let them alone in dangerous or critical situations. You can help a companion by assisting in their kill, or healing them when there happens to be an injury to their bodies.

Method 2) Sit at the campfire

The second method is to sit with your companions at the campfire and discuss things with them. This will gradually cause their relationship to grow and reach a higher point level.

What actions can negatively affect relationships

If there is a way to improve relationships in Wartales then there are also ways to ruin them. A negative relationship can cause the relationship points to reduce. The easiest way to negatively affect a relationship is to harm your companion during battles.

If a lot of your companions hate each other, it is recommended to keep them away from the battlefield. This will keep you safe from getting the damage debuff penalty.

To have an idea of the kind of relationship you have with specific companions, you can do the following actions:

  • Go into the character sheet of that particular companion.
  • Click the icon that reads “Relationships “in the bottom left of the current box.
  • You will clearly see the level of relation the companion has with you.

The relationship of a companion with the other, ranging from hatred to love, can evolve depending on the interactions among different companions.

  • Like: +1 bonus
  • Love: +2 bonus
  • Adore: +3 bonus
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