Wartales Professions Guide

Professions or jobs in Wartales allow you to craft new equipment as well as provide different bonuses to character stats.

The Shiro Games’ creation, Wartales is much more than merely killing a bunch of adversaries and doing bounty hunting. Wartales allows players to adopt different Professions that contribute to the accomplishment of important tasks, which include stealing, feeding, and managing equipment.

The following guide comprises the details of all the professions in Wartales, as well as the stat bonuses they offer.

Learning the Basics of Professions in Wartales

Wartales offers a total of ten professions as of now, and each one of them enables a companion to perform different crucial tasks in the game. These tasks range from fishing to stealing and from mining to woodcutting.

There are 5 ranks for every profession, all the way from Novice to Master. You start as Novice, and then using your profession you can progress to further levels. The higher the rank of a profession, the easier it is to build better-quality items.

In addition to the stat boosts a profession provides, some of them offer exclusive bonuses as players level them up. Such as reducing Suspicion or obtaining components.

Miner, Thief, Woodcutter, Bard, and Angler require you to play minigames whenever you are engaging in profession activities.

Can you switch professions?

Yes! A little amount of XP will be enough for swapping the profession of a companion with another. The game has introduced two methods to do so.

Method 1

If you want to change the profession of a companion, simply open their character sheet followed by a right-click on the current profession icon. Then, choose the new desired profession. When the prompt says “You’ll lose all experience gained”, click OK to switch the profession.

Method 2

This is the case when you are interacting with an object requiring a specific profession, and have no companion with that profession. You can left-click on a companion portrait to see all the professions in list form. Choose a suitable profession and confirm your selection.

All professions in Wartales

It becomes quite clear by the name of a profession what type of job it does. The only thing we need to know is where to get them, and how much additional bonuses they provide.

ProfessionBonus StatsWhere to Get
AlchemistOffers additional Dexterity but has a weaker stat spread.You can start it from clinics
AnglerProvides a boost to Willpower, and at higher levels to CRIT.Found at fishing huts and ponds
CookProvides a significant boost to constitutionYou need to create a Cooking Pot in Workshop to unlock
TinkererGets you some juicy Critical HitsThe Workshop associated with this profession is in the camp.
BardProvides extra constitution and willpowerTiltren Tomb of the Ancients
BlacksmithProvides an additional amount of Strength, though the stat spread is underwhelming.Go to forge and use the anvil
MinerProvides extra constitution and strengthYou can find this profession in ore nodes in mines
ScholarProvides considerable additional willpowerPlayers must create a Lectern in their camp using the workshop
ThiefProvides extra dexterity and critical hit chance.Unlocks only after playing a mini-game involving the pick.
WoodcutterProvides a balanced boost to Strength and Dexterity.Usually found at Chopping Station

By considering the functions and bonuses obtained, you can assign different your companions suitable professions to get the most out of your allies. Always try to keep a versatile set of professional companions in your party, so that no task in Wartales bothers you in later phases of the game.

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