How To Farm Money In Wartales

Having ample money in Wartales can make a major difference for your character and companions so you must know how to earn it...

If you just started playing Wartales, say hello to the tactical role-playing adventure. And if you are tired of your companions resorting to cannibalism due to money problems in Wartales then you have come to the right place.

Getting an ample amount of money is a necessity from the start of Wartales, and most of the players find themselves struggling for it. The reason is that bounties are not quite enough to pay for the cost of further expeditions. They give you enough to pay for some wages and food, but what about armor repairs, healings, upgrades, and most of all, how will you increase your Warband?

At the end of the day, it’s just not enough money as the game scales in numbers and levels along with your progress. Our guide is here to enlighten you with the ways to farm money in Wartales with easy and efficient methods.

Best ways to farm money in Wartales

Among the many ways to obtain money in Wartales, we are listing for you some of the best ones. Your mileage with these money farming methods might be different than ours but you should still try them all and see what works best for you.

Considering cash is extremely important especially to respec characters in Wartales, you can never have enough of it.

Participate in Rat Infestations

Taking out Rat Infestations in different combat encounters is another great way to farm a lot of gold. The base price you get is 300 gold, but selling all the resources you get during this battle is the real goldmine.

Make sure the rat infestation battle continues for much longer. You can do this by sparing the Broodmother and wiping out the other lot including infected rats. Try to collect as many materials as you can, including fangs and general meat. Selling all these items to a merchant can get you up to 1800 gold easily.

Invest in a private prison

If you are struggling for cash in Wartales, make sure to visit your closest prison merchant. There is a prison just near the lake in the first starting zone. Here, the merchant will make you an interesting proposition. Buy some shackles from him for as little as 20 gold and you will receive -20 suspicion points for each prisoner.

You now just have to bring some prisoners that you capture from bounty missions and let the merchant keep them for a heavy price. He will pay you 120 to 130 gold for every prisoner you get to him. What this means is that reformation is better than punishment.

Buy as many shackles as possible from the merchant, and learn the ways not to use lethal force against your enemies. (So they are captured instead of being dead by your hands)

Attack and capture the Merchants

RPG fans know well that killing and robbing is always the best option to go for when you are in need of extra money. Increasing your risk can exponentially increase your reward. Sadly, when you are just starting out as a beginner, robbing merchants will not be a nice experience.

At the end of the day, the only people you should capture are Outlaws, including Bandits and Deserters. It will help you get a kickstart and craft a few armors, but after all, you won’t make riches just by robbing poor outlaws.

Once you get strong enough to tackle merchants, go all out on them and make a prisoner out of them. The price you get from them is considerably higher than what you received for refugees.

Accept and complete Contracts

If you actually think about it, the actual hobby and bread-winning task for Warbands are getting contracts and completing them. Most of the time the local people are attacked and robbed by outlaws. You can get a decent amount of gold in Wartales by helping the poor people by getting rid of these distasteful characters.

How To Farm Money In Wartales

Having accepted a contract, you simply have to complete the job stated in it. Then, make your way back to the Emissary and claim your well-deserved rewards.

Craft and cell Lockpicks

You can craft lockpicks once you are in possession of the character having Tinkerer profession. It is worth noting that professions are completely different from actual character categories in the game. (Consult our guide on Wartales Professions for an idea of professions and how to acquire them)

Each Lockpick players sell gets them at least five gold. You can opt to wander around all the map areas with iron ores and pick them up for crafting lockpicks. In this way, you can gradually farm a considerable amount of money in Wartales.

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