Best Wartales Spearman Build Guide

The Spearman is a support class in Wartales and excels at working with others. A Spearman’s role as a support is to generate Valor.

The Spearman is a support class in Wartales and excels at working with others. A Spearman’s role as a support is to generate Valor and defend the party. They are the ones who look for good positioning of the party members and act as shields for them.

In Wartales, gaining useful skills matching the character’s build is quite a time-taking task. That is why it is recommended to make a firm decision and critically think about the outcomes of the build before taking any further steps.

An actual mid-range combatant, the Spearman shirks the convention of having units formally engage with each other. Instead, he chooses to fend off his enemies at a slight range with the help of large two-handed pole arms and taking advantage of several specializations that benefit fighting in close coordination with their allies.

This guide will cover the skills, weapons, armor, and specialization that make the best Spearman build in Wartales. And if you are looking for the best Wartales builds on Archer, Swordsman, and Ranger, we have got you covered on those as well.

Like the other character classes in the game, the Spearman also offers different categories for several separate builds according to your taste and preference. Among the three specializations, Harpooner, Herald, and Pikeman, we will discuss Pikeman’s progression in this guide as we believe that this is the best way to build Spearman in Wartales.

Best Attributes

In Wartales, gaining useful attributes matching the character’s build is quite time-consuming. That is why it is recommended to make a firm decision and critically think about the outcomes of the build before taking any further steps, as you cannot go back once you have invested your attribute points. Let’s look into the best possible attributes to consider when choosing a Spearman:

  • Strength: Strength does not feel like your best attribute for a spearman, but having a dull attack will get you nowhere. Investing as much as you can in strength will benefit the unit as a whole.
  • Movement: Movement is very important for Spearman. Evasion and execution of attacks can be battle deciders. Incest is into movement, but you don’t have to go all the way. Just enough to get things done easily
  • Constitution: Constitution helps in strengthening your health and withstanding capabilities. A higher constitution means you will last longer in battles and can take a few hits.
  • Critical Hit: Critical hit is good if you wish your spearman to be more than just a support character in battle. A moderate level of investment into this attribute should do the trick.

Best skills route for Spearman

If we look at the utility of this class, they have many weapons that slow down the enemy and stop them from taking turns. This becomes an opportunity for your party to deal explosive damage as long as the opposing party has limited movement.

The Spearman also have skills that make them heavy damage dealers to the enemies. Certain abilities enable them to hit up to three times in a single turn.

Level 2 – Valorous Support

Each time the unit finishes its turn while standing alongside allies and is not fighting directly, you will gain one Valour Point.

This is the best one for the Spearman among the many Valor generation skills in Wartales. Most of the time, you will be hugging your allies (being very close to them) to give them utility and support. Hence, this skill absolutely complements the Valor Point generation process in Wartales.

Level 3 – Spear Wall

This skill targets a particular area. When an enemy makes an entry into the area, the character with this skill does an attack on the enemy and stops him in his track.

This skill literally shuts down the enemy’s movement, stops them from having a turn, and completely limits the whole existence of the poor soul.

While having this skill, the best strategy is to cover your ally whenever a foe is marching towards him, and your ally will be able to counter-attack before bearing any external damage. This way, you take support to another level and win the trust of your allies.

Level 5 – Team Spirit

When a Spearman with this skill stands near an ally in Wartales, they will receive brutality. Now, Brutality increases the damage dealt to any enemy by 30%.

As a support class, you will be next to your allies most of the time, nearly all the time. In other words, you get a permanent increase of 30 percent in damage in the whole fight. Insane!

Level 8 – Preparedness

If this unit finishes its go while not involved in the battle, you will receive Fury.

We know well that the Spearman or Pikeman do not engage in battle in normal circumstances in Wartales. It means that you will be getting a passive 50% damage boost (due to Fury) throughout the time this skill is activated.

Best Weapon for Spearman – Guisarme (Requires level 8)

  • Strength: +53
  • Melee-Range: 3 meters
  • Best Oil: Poisonous Oil I

This weapon has the Flurry of Blfourws skill that deals 25 damage to the target 4 times. If you have Poisonous Oil I on it, it will deal poison damage to the enemies all four times whenever it hits. The poison then causes a 5% reduction in the foe’s Health at the end of his turn, making the victory quite nearer to you.

Best Armor for Spearman – Outlaw’s Hauberk (Requires level 7)

  • Critical Hit: +5%
  • Guard: +18%
  • Armor: +103

This medium chest piece is the best among all the other medium armor lots. You can use it with any class including Berserker, Brute, or Pikeman, where medium armor is suitable or needed.

Best Profession for Spearman

The most suitable Professions for Spearman build in Wartales are Miner and Scholar. As the Spearman does not have to deal much damage directly to the enemies, it complements both aforementioned professions. Both these professions are not the best damage dealers and act more like a supporting character, just like the Pikeman.

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