Best Wartales Ranger Build

The Ranger class in Wartales is adept at flanking and dealing high burst damage to enemies with the correct build we have created here

The Ranger class in Wartales has the best mobility among all other classes. Not only do they get bonus movement points but also have skills that add to their already improved mobility. However, to maximize their output, you need to have an idea of how to create your character. In this guide, we will go over the best skills and equipment to use with the Ranger class in Wartales, leading to the best build that suits your playstyle.

Wartales has unique skills that you can use to build each character class in the game. It takes an extremely long time to grind up the experience necessary to grab these skills, so you want to make sure that you are making the best choices as to what you pick so you don’t waste resources on respec.

Best Wartales Ranger Build

Among the ten levels for each class in Wartales, there are three types of skills offered in the game. Some of the skills are active, some passive, and others are simply base skills.

Rangers have the highest sustained damage in the game and eat away much of the health bars of enemy parties in each round. Among the four offered playstyles for Rangers, our guide includes only the levels, skills, and equipment of the build that we found the best and the most efficient.

Best Skills for Ranger

The ranger class excels at dealing damage as well as taking out and assassinating backline opponents. They literally have an incredible amount of utility throughout the fight with any kind of adversary.

The Assassin build or specialization in Wartales is the one that makes the Ranger such type of class that always keeps something extra up their sleeves for the needy times.

Level 2

Valorous Victory (Passive): Every time this unit kills an enemy, you gain One Valor Point.

The Ranger puts out so much Sustained damage as well as Burst damage that you will surely get back your Valor points every turn using this. On top of that, you get multiple Valor Points during one turn, meaning you can have three to four points gained in just one turn due to this.

This is quite a bit more a points-giving skill than the Valorous Support, which gets you only one point per turn.

Level 3

Right Between the Eyes: A Ranger having this skill inflicts 60-80 damage and causes Bleeding. Bleeding means the target will lose 20% of its maximum Health at the end of its turn.

If the target is already bleeding, the damage is doubled. (6m range). This skill is a perfect combination of great damage, excellent utility, and extra range. 

Level 5

Knife Throw (Passive): After using a skill, deals 25 damage to the closest foe within four meters.

Knife Throw is an absolute beast of a passive skill and does quite good damage during the fight. Rangers can easily activate this skill by any means, including the activation from melee attacks or from first aid. It can also help to make a CRIT strike.

Level 8

Cold Blooded: Damage of attacks from behind the enemies increased by 20%. This only is the only skill at level 8 that isn’t bugged or extremely costly.

Most of the time the Rangers are in attacking mode from behind to get extra bonuses, so the extra 20% damage is very useful for them. Additionally, it also works on knife throws and other throw-able attacks.

Best Weapon for Ranger

Ringleader’s Dagger (Requires level 8)

A short blade, practical and sharp, highly sought after by the Bandits.

  • Dexterity: 64%
  • Critical Hit: +10%

This weapon has the Devious Whirlwind skill that deals 70 damage to all the units in the area. If this attack has several units, it creates a cloud of poison under each of them. Poison causes the enemies to lose 55 of their total Health at the end of each turn.

An addition of Sharpening Oil can increase the critical hit chance up to an even more impressive value.

Harag Poniard (Requires level 7)

  • Dexterity: 33%
  • Critical Hit: +10%

This dagger has the Slaughter skill that deals 50-63 damage to the target and gains 3 Rage.

Best Armor for Ranger

Outlaw’s Valuable Tunic (Requires level 7)

  • Movement: +2
  • Critical Hit: +8%
  • Armor: 96
  • Dexterity: +2

The main things a player looks for in Rangers are critical hit and movement, and this chest piece provides both of them. So this one is the best choice among other armor. Extra movement allows you to strike faster than ever, while a critical hit kills enemies faster, leading you to take less damage.

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