Best Wartales Archer Build

Archer is the only ranged class in Wartales and thus makes it very important to have the correct build for it to survive all sort of fights..

Wartales offers the players to customize each aspect of their favorite characters, enabling them to choose the best builds and skills for each class. Considering the array of ways available for you to go on, the build can be extraordinary OR terrible.

If you look at all the character classes in Wartales, the only class with ranged damage turns out to be the Archer. They can shoot from far distances safely and keep the enemy troops away at the start of every fight.

Archers are also one of the highest sustained damage dealers in Wartales, meaning they can put a ton of damage during a round of combat. They also have a lot of bows to match different situations, which helps you in both dealing AoE and DoT attacks.

In this guide, we will delve deep into finding the best Archer build in Wartales, including the best skills to choose for each level.

Best Wartales Archer Build

There are 10 levels for each character class, with each level having three different types of skills. The types of skills include Active, Passive, and Base.

For our Wartales Archer build, we have included only the levels and skills that significantly affect the direction of battlefields and the outcomes of fights.


Best Skills for Archer

We recommend taking the Infantryman specialization from the three available options, as it is the best choice out there. The following skills and equipment are according to this specialization.

Level 2

Valorous Support: You gain 1 valor point whenever you end your turn next to an ally while being out of combat.

This is the best Valor Point skill for the Archer. He has ranged damage, which means he can shoot nearly from anywhere he wants to. In this case, he doesn’t have to be in the lead range to be able to hit something. In fact, he can use his allies as a shield and make sure no one engages with him, giving extreme support to the unit.

Level 3 (Infantryman)

Barrage: This one applies the targets in a specific area. With this, you can deal an attack of opportunity against the first 3 enemies crossing the area. (9m radius)

This is the best skill at level three that can be used on the Archer. You can literally do about four attacks in one turn using this. Your basic attacks should be from a distant range, and then if it is successful, you get another three attacks to make. This is a massive amount of damage dealt by four instant attacks.

Level 5

Precision (Passive): Two consecutive attacks apply vulnerability. Vulnerability is a Status effect that enables us to make the next strike a Critical hit to the target.

A solid Passive skill for the Archer. Out of all the level 5 skills, Precision synergizes with the Archer pretty well. He has a lot of weapons that only activate when they are critically hit. On top of that, you can easily activate this for Barrage, meaning you can attack nearly four times in a round.

Level 8

Thrill of the Hunt (Passive): Each attack executed at a distance of more than 8 meters grants 1 Rage.

Rage is a stackable Status effect that increases damage by 5%. If we manage to combine this with Barrage and position these correctly, a lethal amount of damage can be gained by rage-geared four attacks. This means that you’re doing 20% damage in the first round, 40% in the next, and so on.

Best Weapons for Archer

War Bow (Level 7 required)

By no means rare, this bow is light and precise. In addition, using a Sharpening Oil can considerably increase the critical hit chance.

  • Dexterity: +20%
  • Critical Hit: +10%

This weapon has Volley of Arrows skill that deals 15-41 damage to the target. After one successful critical hit, it attacks for a second time.

The Indomitable One (Level 7 required)

  • Dexterity: +35%
  • Critical Hit: +10%

The Indomitable One comes with Piercing Arrow skill that deals 30% damage to all the units in the area. One critical hit from this knocks back the target by 2 meters, eating out 10% of their Health.

Best Armor for Archer

Hunter’s Cloak

The fur on this cloak is stunning. It comes with a Reinforced Layer of Flacon, which increases DEX by 2%.

  • Movement: +2%
  • Critical hit: +6% Armor: +57%

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