Best Wartales Swordsman Build

Swordsman serves as the tank of your party in Wartales so having the correct built for it means survival or defeat for everyone...

When we talk about the best Tank in Wartales, the class that tops the list is Swordsman. None of the other classes comes even close to his mitigation, damage reduction skills, and everything else he provides as a tank. In this guide, we shall discuss the best Swordsman build in Wartales, including the best skills to choose for each level.

Utility-wise, Swordsman brings a lot to the party as well including a buff for the allies. Additionally, the class applies slow mobility and weakening effects on the enemies.

Best Wartales Swordsman Build

Wartales has 10 levels for each character class, with each level having three different types of skills. The types of skills include Active, Passive, and Base.

For Swordsman, we have mentioned only the levels and skills that significantly affect the direction of battlefields and the outcomes of fights.

Best Skills for Swordsman

Swordsman is a versatile class that can work in multiple ways depending on how you want to customize it. Its specializations include Protector, Fighter, Swordmaster, and Dueler. We recommend taking the Fighter specialization from the four available options, as it is the best choice out there.

The following skills and equipment are according to this specialization.

Level 2

Destabilizing Strike: A very useful skill that reduces the enemy guard to zero. It causes 44 to 54 damage to the target enemy and applies Destabilisation for two whole rounds.

No other ability can take away guard at the beginning of the game, except destabilizing strike. Taking guard at level two is really impressive that allows you to kill enemies a lot quicker.

Level 3

Valorous Duel (Passive): Each time your unit engages in the battlefield, you get one Valor Point.

This is a quite useful Valor Point generation skill, mainly because you do not have to rely on the enemy’ layout at all. You get a valor point no matter what the circumstances are, and no matter in what position your party fights against the adversaries.

Level 5

Daring: As long as the unit has a bonus on it, its attacks cause Weakeningfor One round. Weakening is a status effect that reduces the damage taken from enemies by 50%.

Daring is like a love & hate relationship. In the early game when you have no bonuses or buffs, you will not be able to activate this at all. However, in the late-game scenarios, you will be able to keep this on permanently as one of the strongest skills you may possess.

Level 8

Hardcore Training (Passive): The unit having this skill is immune to Bleeding, Poison, or Bursting.

It may seem easy at the starting phases of the game that you can easily avoid bleeding, poison, etc. However, if you look around your surroundings, Poison and Bleeding both are predominant in pretty much all areas of the new game map.

Additionally, Burning can become quite annoying if you have many weapons that utilize it for their activation.  

Best Weapon for Swordsman

Ulfberht of the Eye (Level 7 required)

Strength: +28%

This one-handed sword has the Hallowed Strike skill, which deals 39 damage to all the units in the area. If this attack hits several units, it creates a Fire under each of them.

Best Armor for Swordsman

Paladin’s Battleplate (Level 8 required)

  • Movement: -2
  • Critical Hit: +6%
  • Guard: +30%
  • Armor: +235

This heavy armor’s negative movement thing can be canceled out by simply using the Counter-attack skill. Other than that, this gives more armor protection and guard than any other armor at this level.

Bandit Shield (Level 7 required)

  • Guard: +19%
  • Armor: +52

This shield reduces the damage taken from Shooting Attacks by 90%. This means that you can position your character at any area of the battlefield, without worrying about getting shot and sustaining damage.

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