How Cannibalism Works In Wartales

Cannibalism is one of the core gameplay features of Wartales that lets players consume other humans when in dire need...

Wartales is a versatile game that combines RPG elements and a turn-based strategy in its gameplay. Cannibalism is one of the many unique skills/ abilities in Wartales that are given to players for helping them in dire situations. It is the ability to lift human corpses and eat them whenever you are in need of food.

Cannibalism can disgust most of the players at first when they know about it in the game. But as it is a proper skill involved in Wartales, we are going to discuss its aspects in detail. First, we will get to know how it works, followed by the decision if we actually need this ability or not.

How does Cannibalism work in Wartales

After a fight with enemies is over, you can loot human corpses along with other items and materials placed around you. When a dire need for food occurs in the game, and there is no other source to fill your appetite, even cannibalism will look good to you.

Is Cannibalism worth it?

Your companions will get 1 food whenever you serve them a human body to eat.

  • They are not nutritious enough to feed many of your warband at once despite the heavy price you pay for them.
  • This is a very less amount of food compared to what you can get by buying Vegetables from towns for less price. Vegetables even give you 2 foods instead of 1 obtained from the corpses.
  • The weight of one human corpse is 10 Kilograms, meaning a whole lot of your inventory space gets sacrificed by just one body.

Considering these facts, it is better that you leave the human remains where they belong, on the battlefield. Carrying them with you is just a waste of inventory capacity and a loss of one Knowledge point.

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