Wartales Rat Infestation Guide

Rat infestations are an optional objective players will have to deal with at various intervals in Wartales and cleanse their surroundings...

Rat Infestations in Wartales are occasional objectives given to the players in different game locations. Spotting a rat infestation is quite easy, as a rat icon on the map clearly indicates its position. Players need to reach the dwelling place of these rodents to engage in a fight, as they do not spread around themselves in additional locations.

The vast world of Wartales is teeming with rat infestations that come in the form of bounty missions. Successfully destroying a rat infestation leads to an increased opportunity for getting in-game rewards. The matriarch rat is the soul of the lot, so killing her ends the battle.

How to clear Rat Infestations in Wartales

Every player needs to be prepared enough before deciding to wipe out a rat infestation. There are a few things that contribute to the uniqueness of this battle, and this section discusses them below.

Usually, poison works well against normal enemies in Wartales. However, rats show peculiar behavior and do not get affected by the poison to any extent. Instead, they get healed when they are attacked with poison. The matriarch/ Broodmother adds several more of her children into the fight party to make the victory chances dim for you.

Plague-infested Outgrowths are rat outgrowths filled with poison, and destroying them can gain you some extra loot. The lair (where all rats emerge from) also throws rocks after each fight round finishes. So, it is recommended to not let go of your guard even after killing all the rats.

Wartales Rat Infestation battle strategy

Here are a few points to focus on before going into the battlefield:

  • Have a few Area of Effect attacking companions that can deal with more than one target at once.
  • Make sure no one in your companions is equipped with poison abilities. (as they are useless in this scenario)
  • Keeping a few companions who possess First Aid ability is a must.
  • Do keep fire-related attacks on some of the companions.
  • Your inventory should be filled with curing materials for using them after the battle.

The first thing you should consider doing is deploying the squad of your AoE attack companions. This is useful if we want to collect more amount of rewards. You have to keep the Broodmother alive for some time while killing her children. As soon as the mother dies, the battle reached an end even if all the other players are available.

First-aid companions are also equally important as others. No matter how strong your team members get with time, they must need first aid in critical fights.

The matriarch (mother) sends swarms of smaller rats before starting every new fight round. These annoying creatures are weak individually but can make your life hard by attacking in large groups. Imagine the helplessness of a poor companion who is surrounded by 20-30 rodents.

The only way out is to be faster than the enemies. Approaching and killing their mother by escaping from the cluster of rats can solve this large attack issue.

As rats are vulnerable to fire attacks, always keep a torch or flaming arrows with you for dire need situations.

Rat Infestation loot

The rewards or loot from the defeated rat infestation depends on the number of enemies killed. Additionally, the number of outgrowths destroyed also plays a crucial role in deciding who deserves which reward.

Pristine Fangs: These items do not take up inventory space, and you can keep them for use as a currency at hunter camps. Pristine fangs can also saddlebag your dogs and pigs for cheap carrying capacity.

Rats: Acts as Food, provides 1 Meat for your allies

Plagued Leather: Plagued leather is a component for tier 3 armor and weapons.

Infected Brain: 1 obtained after each battle. Alchemy recipes are accessible if you trade infected brains for them.

Infected Blood: Infected blood is obtained only when you attack and kill an infected rat. You need to kill as many small rats as possible to get more of the infected blood.

Outgrowth Sample: Every outgrowth eliminated provides 1 sample. The rat infestation mission states that players should restrain killing the giant mother rat in the beginning and go for the smaller rat outgrowths. Only attack the mother when rat groups overwhelm companions.

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