How To Respec In Wartales

Similar to most of the RPGs out there, Wartales also allows the players to try the respec feature to reassign...

Similar to most of the RPGs out there, Wartales also allows the players to try the respec feature to reassign character points. The respec feature allows players to rebuild their characters/ mercenaries, allowing them to have new ability sets, stats, and equipment items.

Although it is preferable to consistently play a character with the same build to be very good at your game. However, this can become quite boring with the passage of time, and you may want to try a new build for your favorite character. In fact, the term “build” itself explains that it was made for testing fresh builds for different in-game characters.

Our guide below will let you know the aspects of the ability reset option for your characters in Wartales.

How to respec characters in Wartales

Wartales offers only one way to reset your characters. There are also some preconditions and limitations to this method.

For respeccing a character, you need to interact with the Hired Goon NPC by visiting them at the nearby training grounds. The hired goons are locked by default, and players must have at least level 4 Glory and Power to unlock these NPCs. The level 4 condition is not made clear in Wartales, which has confused many players and kept them wandering to different training grounds.

Make sure to have at least 500 Gold before going to have a chat with hired goons. You need to spend a whopping 500 gold to respec each character.

Is there a limit to respec characters in Wartales?

There is no set rule that states how many times you are allowed to respec a character. The only thing to keep in mind is that you have to pay the respec fee every time trying to make a new build.

This implies that you have to calculate every possible outcome before deciding to respec a particular character of your choosing. Make sure the new ability, stat, or equipment you are getting is worth the price you pay for it.

In many instances, you may want to buy a new character instead of respeccing an old one, as the new character costs significantly less than the cost to respec.

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