Two Point Hospital Pebberley Island Guide

Pebberley Island was not initially available in Two Point Hospital. It is made available after the release of the second downloadable content. There are three parts of Pebberly Island: Pebberly Reef, Overgrowth, and Topless Mountain.

You will not receive any typical disease to treat here; instead, you will get the only regional illness. By reading this guide, you will be able to learn everything about Pebberly Island, including Best Layout, Star Objectives, Staff Training, and Walkthrough.

Best Layout For Pebberley Island

Most hospitals have space shortages to fit all the necessary operations, but Pebberley Island has more space than you need. You can fit One GP’s Office and One Diagnostics Room in the main plot.

Pebberley Island has one big drawback: all the plots are not connected. So, make sure to put the Treatment and Diagnostics areas on one plot. Because of the small size of Plot 5, you can perfectly fit the Reception and Check-in area there.

You can add a second Diagnostics Center on Plot 10 if you see a more influx of patients coming, and the first one cannot handle all the patients. There are almost 11 plots that you can use on Pebberley Island so that you can allocate each plot for different departments.

Try adding separate washrooms in each loot so that the staff and patients don’t have to walk much when they need to use to washrooms.

Pebberley Island Star Objectives

1 Star Hospital


  • Have a cure rate of 70%.
  • Train at least 12 Janitors.
  • Cure 10 Patients with Blank Look.
  • Water 40 Plants.


  • 10000 Dollars.
  • 100 Kudosh.
  • Blank Look Poster.

2 Star Hospital


  • Have a cure rate of 80%.
  • Hire at least 12 Janitors.
  • Increase the Hospital’s Attractiveness to 75%.
  • Upgrade 15 Machines.


  • 20000 Dollars.
  • 150 Kudosh.
  • Bottled Ship.

3 Star Hospital


  • Have a cure rate of 90%.
  • Train at least 20 Janitors.
  • Sweep up 150 bits of litter.
  • Increase the Hospital Value to $2,500,000.


  • 30000 Dollars.
  • 200 Kudosh.
  • Prototype Faces.

Pebberley Island Staff Training Tips

The weakest link of the hospital will be your Janitorial staff so train them according to the requirement of the hospital first. You can give them Mechanic training for any trait skill like emotional intelligence.

Moving on to the staff that is on top of the chain. Giving them specialist training will earn you in the long term more than anything else. If the doctor has General Practice as their sole skill, you can train them in General Practice II, and when he completes the training, you can give him a promotion.

Meanwhile, you can also give specialist training to improve the skills of the rest of the staff. For example, you can give a Nurse the Treatment skill. This will, in turn, improve your Cure rate and the hospital’s overall reputation.

Two Point Hospital Pebberley Island Walkthrough

When you start the gameplay of Pebberley Island, you will see some furniture already in the building. You need to sell all the things except for the air conditioning units.

When the patient starts to arrive, add a Reception Desk and an Assistant. Meanwhile, hire anyone with good skills in the portfolio as you need 3 staff members to achieve the level 1 objective.

Build the training room when you have hired 3 Janitors and train them for Mechanics there. As said above, the lots are small and not interconnected with each other. So, try to add one bathroom on each loot.

Try to add new towards the North side of the main loot as loots on the North side have less walking distance from the main loot. Try upgrading any diagnosing machine who are getting long queues.

Your biggest challenge on Pebberley Island will be reaching a 90% Cure Rate. To deal with the Cure Rate issue, you can install a Laxative Drink Machine in the hospital. The patients will use the washroom more often and heal quickly. This will ultimately increase the total cure rate of Pebberley Island.

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