Horizon Forbidden West From The Deep Arena Challenge Guide

From The Deep is one of the toughest arena challenges in Horizon Forbidden West. The following guide will show you...

From The Deep is one of the toughest arena challenges in Horizon Forbidden West. The following guide will show you how to unlock and complete From The Deep arena challenge in HFW.

Horizon Forbidden West From The Deep Arena Challenge

Once you have finished The Kulrut storyline mission, head to The Maw of the Arena next to The Memorial Grove. There will be a side quest awaiting called Opening the Arena.

You will now be able to take part in Arena challenges to face waves of machines where each coming wave of enemies will increase in difficulty.

Take note that you can enter the Arena with any weapon of your choice. In addition, all resources used in the Arena challenge will be restored at the end of the encounter.

From The Deep is one of these Arena challenges and pits players against two Snapmaw machines and a Tideripper machine.

How to defeat Snapmaw?

Snapmaw shoots frozen projectiles and as its name suggests, loves to use its jaws to take a powerful bite out of you. If you go behind its back, you’ll still be in danger because Snapmaw can use its tail for whip attacks.

You need to dish out fire damage to take down Snapmaw. Have weapons and ammunition that deal bonus fire damage like exploring fire arrows. Target Snapmaw’s eyes as they are its weak points. Doing so will deal bonus damage to the enemy machine.

Snapmaw also has the Freeze Sac that can be destroyed to freeze Snapmaw for a brief moment. Use that moment to land in as many damage as possible.

How to defeat Tideripper?

You need to have shock and frost-based ammunition when facing Tideripper. It has two Purgewater sacs on its body. Use shock and frost to destroy one sac to leave Tideripper in a drenched state.

You can also target its Sparker with shock ammunition to force Tideripper to the ground for a brief moment.

Once the first drenched state is over, destroy the second Purgewater sac to take him into the second drenched state. This will create an opening for you to land as much damage on the machine as possible.

How to complete From The Deep Arena Challenge?

Make sure that you have upgraded all your weapons and skills. Upon entering the arena, use your adhesive blast sling ammo to slow Snapmaw and Tideripper.

Use explosive spikes to destroy freeze sacs of Snapmaw and then use impact damage spikes to finish the machines. For further detail, follow the guide to defeating Snapmaw above to finish it.

Use smoke bombs to get away from the machines. Once both Snapmaws are dead, use Shock ammo and attack Purgewater sacs of Tideripper. When the Tideripper is in a drenched state, use explosive spike ammo to destroy Sparker on its back. Repeat to kill Tideripper and win the Arena challenge.

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