Where To Find The Shell Of A Man In Persona 3

There are many side quests besides the Persona 3 main storyline, including the Shell of a Man, that you must complete to get a reward.

Persona 3 Portable has some exciting game missions and side quests, among which are the requests received in the Velvet Room by either Elizabeth or Theodore. Once you visit the Velvet Room, check the request section from the menu and accept the requests within the given deadline to earn a reward. One such request is acquiring ‘Shell of a Man,’ which is Elizabeth’s 13th request in Persona 3.

No deadline is defined for completing this quest. This guide will elaborate on where you can find Shell of a Man and what reward you will receive after delivering it.

How to Find Shell of a Man in Persona 3

Persona 3 Shell of a Man

You will receive the request after 10 June. After accepting it, head to the town map and go to Gekkoukan High during the daytime.

Once you are in the school, head to the Laboratory Hallway on the first floor. On the first floor, you will find a locked door near Clubs. The voices inside the door will be talking about the item you came here to acquire.

Persona 3 Shell of a Man

Enter the Laboratory and obtain the Anatomical Model from this.

Shell of a Man Reward

Once done, return it to Elizabeth, she will reward you with a Legendary Cleaver.

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