Two Point Hospital Overgrowth Guide

Overgrowth is the second hospital that you can play in World 7 of Two Point Hospital and requires you to install the Pebberley Island expansion pack. It can be unlocked by obtaining Star Level in Pebberley Reef.

This level sees the introduction of the Plot Challenge Mode, where additional plots cannot be purchased with money and are unlocked by completing certain objectives.

We discuss Overgrowth in the following guide, which includes the Best Layouts, Star Objectives, Tips for training the Staff, Staff Morale, Managing Reputation, and a Walkthrough.

Best Layout for Overgrowth

Each hospital in Two Point Hospital has its unique layout design. This layout is, of course, adjustable to the player’s requirements. Overgrowth is unique in that you cannot purchase any additional plots and must unlock them through the completion of objectives.

Regarding the best layout, there isn’t any set formula as you have the license to build this hospital as you please. The whole region of the hospital is a huge area which is then subdivided into several smaller segments.

However, as you expand and unlock more plots, you must keep a few things in mind.

You should cluster all your GP’s Offices in one place and create separate blocks for your Diagnosis Areas and Treatment Areas. Gathering offices of one kind in one place helps reduce the mess and makes your hospital look cleaner.

Finally, you should make your Administrative Areas as further away from other offices as possible. This will help reduce chaos and improve the organization.

Overgrowth Star Objectives

1 Star Objectives

  • Own 10 Plots


2 Star Objectives

  • Own 18 Plots


  • $20,000
  • K150
  • Egg Chair

3 Star Objectives

  • Own 25 Plots


  • $30,000
  • K200

Overgrowth Staff Training Tips

Upgrading your Staff is important for the completion of objectives. Staff Training is a function in Two Point Hospital that allows you to upgrade your Staff’s skills or unlock new ones. This mechanic becomes available for use once you hit level 3. Keep in mind the following skills when training your Staff.

Firstly, for your Doctors, the best skills to level up are diagnostics, General Practice, Research, Psychiatry Skills, and Treatment.

Next, you should consider the following skills when training your Nurses: Ward Management, Pharmacy Management, Diagnostics, and Injection Administration.

Don’t forget to train other hospital staff as they are also integral to the functioning of your hospital.

The Receptionists should be upgraded in their Stamina, Intelligence, and Emotion skills.

Janitors are essential to your hospital’s functioning, and managing their upgrades and resources is very important. Be sure to employ plenty of Janitors, and place multiple cleaning resources and fire extinguishers to ease their workload.

While boosting their skills, consider upgrading their Maintenance, Mechanics, and Ghost Capture skills.

Finally, level up your Marketing and Customer Service assistants to get the best out of them.

Overgrowth: How to Manage Staff Morale

Managing your Staff’s morale is very important if you want to get maximum use out of them. Staff morale depends on two things: their mood and the salary they are paid.

Your Staff must be well paid to have good morale. Paying the minimum wages sometimes isn’t enough and will result in decreased Happiness of staff members.

Providing basic facilities to staff members is also important to maintain good morale. You should build multiple staff rooms and equip them with Vending Machines, Leaflet Stands, Benches, and Snack Machines to improve Staff Happiness. You should also install Air Con units to help with the heat.

Upgrading your staff members in the Emotional Intelligence skill helps them gain 10% happiness.

Maintaining a clean environment for work also contributes to staff Happiness and morale. Employing multiple Janitors and placing Bins across the hospital helps ensure pristine work conditions.

You also try to accept and complete the challenges that your Staff gives you as they are an excellent chance for you to increase the Happiness of individual staff members.

It is also recommended to get rid of Staff with negative traits, and only consider the ones with good traits as they will be easier to keep Happy.

Two Point Hospital Overgrowth Walkthrough

While playing Overgrowth in Two Point Hospital, you can see two disasters Fog Storms and Solar Storms. You may also encounter a Psychiatry Emergency (Psychiatry). This level also comes with a few new diseases and illnesses: Camel Toe, Limb Empathy, Budgie Struggler, Neurological Imbalance, and Wanderust.

This is what we consider to be the best strategy to follow when playing Two Point Hospital Overgrowth.

As discussed, to complete Star Objectives in this level, you must own a certain number of plots each time. To own a plot, you must complete its objectives, and this is done by clicking on them and selecting start the challenge.

We recommend that you try Plot 2 for your first attempt. This will be the easiest one requiring you to only Cure 10 Patients.

After completing it quickly, you should move on to the plot on the right, which is Plot 5. This will also prove very easy, only requiring you to place down 5 Air Con units.

Then you should move on to Plot 17. You will also find this on your right. Again, this task will require you to Cure Patients, this time 30 of them.

Next, you should consider unlocking Plot 3, but you will need $250,000 to complete it, so put it on the backburners for now.

Start Building Additional Rooms

You should then start building Diagnosis and Treatment rooms. You must also remember to build Staff rooms and washrooms. A training room will not be required, and you can easily achieve 3 stars without it, but you may build it after you have completed all the other objectives.

You should then move on to your plot 4. This depends on your hospital value, so it would already be recording progress from before. Around this time, you will start getting more demand to build more treatment rooms. You should purchase as many as possible to boost your Hospital Value.

Once you encounter a patient with the Wanderust illness, construct an Escape Room and commence the objective for Plot 19, which requires you to treat a patient in the Escape Room.

You will also be required to research the Escape Room. It is recommended to return to a previous hospital to do so. The Mitton University is the best option for this. Remember that the Escape Room has a building space of 9×5, so only start the objective once you have the space.

Doing all this will help stabilize your hospital and allow it to operate without recording losses. You should now avoid any further expansion and focus on training your Staff, upgrading your machines, and optimizing the layout for patient traffic.

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