How to Improve Cure Rate in Two Point Hospital

This guide will cover all tips you can follow to drastically improve the cure rate of your hospital in Two Points Hospital.

Cure Rate in Two Point varies from hospital to hospital. But if you want to Improve your cure rate and reach a 3-star level, we have some tips that can help you.

This guide will cover all tips you can follow to improve the cure rate in Two Points Hospital.

How to Check Cure Rate in Two Point Hospital

Checking the current cure rate is pretty easy in Two Point Hospital. Just head to the Patient tab, and you will find the cure rate under the Overview.

The cure rate will be in percentage, and the required percentage can also be seen with it if you are completing a challenge.

How to Improve Cure Rate

The cure rate highly depends on your current hospital. But if you are trying to take your hospital to 3 stars and achieve a cure rate of over 90%, we have some tips for you. These tips will help you greatly improve the cure rate in Two-point Hospital.

Training Your Hospital Staff

You have to invest your time and money in the staff to train them. If your staff is well trained, they will help you achieve a high cure rate.


Make sure you train your staff in Diagnostics and treatment and then assign them to the specific room.

The staff trained in diagnostics should be assigned to the diagnosis room. The same is the case with the treatment rooms. Only assign staff to the treatment room which is specialized in treatment.

Increasing the Number of Treatment and Diagnosis Rooms

Your primary focus should be on the diagnosis room. To cure a disease, you must be 100% sure about it. More Diagnosis rooms mean you can diagnose more patients quickly.

After that, you will need the treatment rooms to cure the patients at a higher rate. Both Diagnosis room and Treatment rooms go side by side in improving the cure rate in Two Point Hospital.

You can read more about diagnosis room tips here.

Upgrade Your Machines

Machines are essential for treating many illnesses in the hospital. The janitor will play a role in upgrading these machines. Upgrading will cost you an average of $15,000.

For some upgrades, you will need to research as well. You can move back to the established hospital and complete the research to unlock the required upgrade.

The upgraded machines will help you increase the treatment power and cure rate.

Good Layout of the Hospital

The layout of your hospital is really important for the smooth flow of the patients, and especially beginners don’t focus much on that. What you have to do is layout your hospital in a way that patients don’t have to walk much.

Like you make diagnosis rooms, cafes, and toilets in one area so they don’t waste time. The patients can even die because of the wasted time. As patients management is critical so you must manage this if you want a high cure rate.

Increase the Numbers of Highly Curable Diseases Treatment

To increase the cure rate, you can pick a few highly curable diseases and start marketing campaigns so more patients with these diseases come to your hospital.

More patients with highly curable diseases mean more successful treatments and a high cure rate. Some of the diseases you can cure pretty easily are also given below.

  • Lightheadedness (20%)
  • Boggled Mind (20%)
  • Grout (0%)
  • Clamp (10%)
  • Bed Face (20%)

Discharge Patients with Low Chance of Treatment

To maintain a high cure rate in Two Point Hospital, you should send those patients back home whose chances of survival are quite low. You can even use mods, so you don’t have to check your patients repeatedly.

Set Diagnosis Threshold to 100%

To prevent staff from guessing the diseases and killing the patients because of wrong treatment, you should set the Diagnosis Threshold to 100%. You can find the Diagnosis Threshold in the Policy tab under the Overview.

When you are 100% sure about a disease, the chance of successful treatment is high, which means a high cure rate.

Add Items that Can Increase Diagnosis and Treatment Power

If you add items that can increase the diagnosis and treatment power in your hospital’s rooms and corridors, you will be improving the cure rate.

These items improve the treatment and diagnosis process and increase the chance of survival. Now you might be thinking about what these items are. Don’t worry; you can see these items in the list below.

  • Medicine Cabinet
  • Wall Monitor
  • Weighing Machine
  • Treatment Bookcase
  • Deep Thing 2

Your Charges Should be Reasonable

To successfully complete the treatment, you must make sure that the patient pays. If the patient refuses to pay, you won’t get any improvement in the cure rate.

Sometimes people follow a tactic in which they increase the prices of less curable diseases so the patients wouldn’t come.

But still, patients can come, and even if you are successful in treating the patient, they can refuse to pay, which will be bad for you. So you should avoid raising prices and follow other tips.

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