Two Point Hospital Topless Mountain Guide

While playing Two Point Hospital, you will come across Topless Mountain, which is extremely challenging and is the third hospital in World 7. It is located on perfectly flat natural plateaus making the conditions much more suitable.

Running Topless Mountain efficiently can be challenging as financial conditions at the start are very poor, and the influx of patients is extremely high. Proper guidance and a solid strategy are essential to overcome these hurdles.

This Two Point Hospital guide provides information about the best layouts in Topless Mountain, star objectives, and how to train staff, boost their morale and completely dominate the game.

Best Layout For Topless Mountain

The first plot will set up two GP offices, a ward, General Diagnosis, a pharmacy, and a staff room. During the initial stages of the game, it will be easier to deal with patients this way. During the third wave, the influx of patients increases, expanding the starting plot by buying a new one.

All the treatment rooms should be in the new plot to ensure more efficiency. The player can also set up one more GP office in this plot, but this is not compulsory. It is recommended not to put benches in the hospital to ensure maximum throughput.

Topless Mountain Star Objectives

1 Star Hospital

Complete Wave 10 to get 15,000 Dollars, 100 Kudosh, Screwball Posters and a Wicker Sofa.

2 Star Hospital

Complete Wave to get 25,000 Dollars, 150 Kudosh, and a Wicker Armchair

3 Star Hospital

Complete Wave 30 to get 35,000 Dollars, 200 Kudosh and an 8-Ball Sign.

Topless Mountain Staff Training Tips

Staff training is not recommended during the early stages of Topless Mountain Hospital as the starting plot is very small. Setting up a training room will result in space shortage. Apart from the space issue, there is not enough time to train the staff as the waves of patients are overwhelming.

During the start, high-level staff should be hired. A smart strategy to cater to this is to hire staff, make them do a task, and then fire them.

In the later stages of the game, training is very useful to hone the skills and abilities of the workers. A training room is required for this purpose, and the number of staff that can be trained depends on the number of desks inside the room.

To start training, simply select the qualification from the screen, send the staff into the room, and assign a trainer for the job. Once done, commence the training by pressing the start button.

During the later waves, the inflow of patients increases tremendously. The following qualifications are essential to treat the masses and manage the hospital efficiently.

Customer Service Improves Reception and Retail Skills  
General Practice Improves Diagnostics skills in the GP’s office
Maintenance Increases repair skills and maintenance work throughout the hospital
Treatment Increases the treatment skills of doctors and nurses
Ward Management Increases Diagnostic and treatment skills inwards

Topless Mountain: How to Manage Staff Morale

Staff morale can be kept high by proper facilities and easy-going policies. Sufficient drink and snack machines and arcade machines placed throughout the hospital will make the staff happy. This will also make the patients happier, and the staff finds it easier to deal with happier patients.

Accessible clean breakrooms with a full stock of healthy food and drinks can boost their morale. The staff should be provided a handsome salary and proper breaks to keep their mood pleasant and motivated for work. A clean, decorated hospital with a pleasant temperature can encourage the staff to work smoothly. Placing toxic bins near the vending machines can help in this regard.

Two Point Hospital Topless Mountain Walkthrough

The influx of patients from the beginning is very high in the Topless Mountain hospital. Your reputation or pricing will not affect this negatively. As money is tight initially, keep pricing high from the start and do not care much about reputation.

Staff training has far greater cons at the start of the game due to the time and space issues mentioned above. Follow the strategy of hiring staff, making them do a job, and then fire them; for example, hire a janitor to upgrade a machine and then fire them.

To deal with the first wave, follow the start game layout mentioned above: setup two GP offices, General Diagnosis, and some essentials. For the second wave, hire a doctor and work on the MEGA Scan. Upgrade the drug mixer and build one more diagnosis room. In the third wave, expand the layout as guided above.

Setup a large training room and start focusing on training staff. Trained staff with better skills and abilities are a must to cater to the fourth wave. By the fourth wave, you must have one doctor with treatment skills and a correcting pool.

Keep him for the remaining waves. Remember, reputation is not an issue in Topless Mountain, so if you reach the wave goal, the remaining patients can be sent home if their illness diagnosis is not complete. In Topless Mountain, time is money as it is very limited; therefore, use it wisely to meet your goals.

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