Two Point Campus Savoury Kitchen Guide

Savoury Kitchen is another academic room that you need to start your Gastronomy course in Two Point Campus. The room is similar to Sweet Kitchen and helps students complete their classes and assignments.

Unlike the Sweet Kitchen though, the Savoury Kitchen can be used to host cook-off events from time to time.

The following guide will take you through the Savoury Kitchen in Two Point Campus.

How To Unlock Savoury Kitchen

Savoury Kitchen becomes available as soon as you reach Piazza Lanatra, the second campus you run in Two Point Campus. This will be at the start of the first year of Gastronomy.

Savoury Kitchen Requirements

Savoury Kitchen comes with a base price of $30,100 and a minimum size requirement of 6×6 that accommodates up to eight people.

In addition to a teacher skilled in Gastronomy, you will need a Super Chef item to complete your Savoury Kitchen. Super Chef costs $25,000 and can be upgraded for Learning Power bonuses.


Best Savoury Kitchen Items


Savoury Kitchen Tips

  • Keep everything clean. A dirty kitchen is going to be a mistake.
  • Give your students access to bathrooms nearby as another focus on hygiene.

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