Two Point Campus Piazza Lanatra Guide

Piazza Lanatra is the second stage that you will see when playing Two Point Campus. Piazza Lanatra features some additional courses such as Culinary Courses and Comedic Courses on top of some already present ones.

Moving onto bigger and better things is human nature and that nature also carries to the digital world of games where we are constantly working to upgrade what we have. Two Point Campus features bigger and better campus/level upgrades when you meet a certain requirement.

The Piazza Lanatra Stage in 2 Point Campus is generally bigger and better than the Freshleigh Meadows, which was in the countryside, but Piazza Lanatra is more towards the European side.

Piazza Lanatra has tons of new stuff and to tell you more we have put together this guide to explain everything in detail about Piazza Lanatra Stage in Two Point Campus.

How to Unlock Piazza Lanatra

Unlocking the Piazza Lanatra Stage in Two Point Campus is easy enough. All you have to do in order to unlock the second campus in the game is to reach Star Level 1. It is fairly easy to upgrade to Star Level 1 and most of it will be done during the tutorials.

You will start the game at Freshleigh Meadows, but it is recommended that even though you can move onto the next campus, you stay at Freshleigh Meadows a little longer just to learn the basics properly, and after you have gotten complete command over everything, then you can move towards bigger things.


The starting funds for Piazza Lanatra are $250,000 so you might have a bit of a tight start as compared to Freshleigh Meadows if you don’t manage your money properly.

Piazza Lanatra Courses

As you might have guessed from the name, Piazza Lanatra is a culinary school. This stage will have you unlocking and focusing on study courses that revolved around food.

After you have reached the 1 Star Piazza Lanatra in 2 Point Campus, you will unlock the following two courses

Gastronomy – A complete culinary course that will teach you to cook both savory and sweet type dishes.

Funny Business – A rather different course that will teach you stand-up comedy, including how to tell jokes.

A point will come when the initial campus space does not cut it anymore and you will have to purchase more land to expand the campus. Initially, there will be 8 plots available for you to build on and you can add two more plots with further cost and no buildings.

Expanding a campus requires lots of cash, so make sure you have a steady cash flow so you are never empty-handed. The cost to buy more plots in Piazza Lanatra and to build on them is given below.

Plot NoCost – Empty PlotCost with Building

Campus Star Rating Objectives and Rewards

There are certain requirements to take your campus to the next milestone and the end goal is to turn your campus into a 3-Star campus. A 3-Star campus has a minimum number of graduated students that will take 3 years minimum.

Along with the graduated students, there are other requirements as well, and completing every requirement will reward you with something and also take you one step closer to the next rated level.

1 Star Rating Objectives

Minimum 10 Students Complete Private Tuition

Players must construct private tuition rooms with teachers who preferably possess private tuition skills to complete this task. The construction of this room will help you provide students with the opportunity to get one-on-one lessons with a teacher, which will help give them the boost they need.

Some students will automatically attend the private tuitions, whereas you’ll be required to send the rest yourself. You can do this by viewing their character inspector, and if the student has a grade below C, then you can select the private tuition option for them. Upon completing this task, players will get £10000 / 100 Kudosh.

70% Entertainment Rating Per Student

You can ensure your student’s entertainment level does not drop below 70% by constructing Student Lounges, Student Unions, and social entertainment items such as arcade tables, football tables, etc. Upon completing this task, you’ll get Mitton University Stage.

B-Grade Gastronomy Class

To ensure that your students pass the class with good grades, it is necessary to make sure that they have the best facilities and highly qualified teachers. Added to that, ensure their happiness level is also kept in check since it will help them perform better in class.

If you’ve kept yourself updated with all these factors, then ensuring a B Grade in any class will be possible. You’ll get DJ Sue Chef, County Cook-Off upon completion.

Complete 1 Campus Cook-Off

After you’ve completed the previous task, you’ll have unlocked the Campus Cook-off. Click on the Gastronomy Class to start a cook-off and create a new event. Select the event, Cook-off and choose a free time slot since the event can only happen if the room is free.

Additionally, ensure that your students have averaged a grade of C before participating in the cook-off since this will help you secure a win. Upon completion, this task will reward the players with Funny Business Course.

2 Star Campus Objectives

Build a Level 5 Club

This task will require the players to level up their student club, which you can do by providing them with new club furniture tiers. This will help you level up your student club up to level 5. Upon completing this task, players will get £20000 / 150 Kudosh.

70% Hygiene Rating

Accomplishing this task is pretty easy since you’re just required to provide your students with ample facilities such as bathrooms, showers, and hand sanitizers all over the Campus. It will help ensure your hygiene rating does not drop below 70%. This task, upon completion, will reward the players with a Romantic Film.

Campus Level 12

Leveling up your Campus is relatively easy. Since it only requires players to hire qualified staff, construct new buildings on the Campus, and increase their intake of students.

If you’re unsure about the kind of buildings, you should construct classrooms, bathrooms, medical rooms, etc. Anything that will give your Campus more rooms will allow you to receive a larger amount of XP. Upon fulfilling this requirement, players will get Ripped Chords.

Win County Cook-Off

Before participating in a County Cook-Off, upgrading your Gastronomy Course to level three is mandatory. Added to that, make that your students have averaged a grade of C before participating in the cook-off. However, if you fail, you can retry anytime again.

3 Star Campus Objectives

100 Students on Campus

You can increase the total number of students enrolled by offering new courses and upgrading the existing ones. Once this task is complete, players will get £30000 / 200 Kudosh.

Complete 20 Chef Personal Goals

Accomplishing these goals is relatively easy, as all the players must do is accept the messages they receive from their students asking for random items. Upon completion of this task, you’ll get Helium Baboon.

Pass Gastronomy Class with an average grade of B+

To ensure this task has been achieved, try improving your school’s faculty by hiring more qualified teachers. Added to that, make sure your students have the best infrastructure, which will also help them get an average B+ grade.

Win Celebrity Cook-Off

Using the same technique as before, you’ll quickly secure a win at the celebrity cook-off.

Here are a few tips that might help you achieve these tasks faster.

There are certain things to keep in mind to improve the overall rating of the Campus and the student body. Firstly, you will need to hire more staff to run the Campus smoothly and avoid hitting a roadblock due to personal shortages.

Secondly, spend time beautifying your Campus and spend some cash on increasing the overall standard of the Campus. A prettier Campus means happier students.

Add new rooms and upgrade the previous ones to meet the current standard. Upgraded rooms improve the student’s learning abilities and can also improve the average grade of the class.

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