Two Point Campus Sweet Kitchen Guide

Sweet Kitchen is a mandatory room requirement for the Gastronomy course in Two Point Campus. Students will need access to a Sweet Kitchen to complete their classes and assignments, mainly to learn how to cook desserts and treats.

The following guide will explain how to unlock Sweet Kitchn, its room requirements, best items, and general tips to know in Two Point Campus.

How To Unlock Sweet Kitchen

Sweet Kitchen will become available after clearing the first year of the Gastronomy course, which is also incidentally the first year of Piazza Lanatra, the second campus in the game.

Sweet Kitchen Requirements

You will need $35,100 to make a Sweet Kitchen on your campus. This room has a minimum size requirement of 6×5 and can hold up to eight people at a time.

The main function of the Sweet Kitchen is to allow students to visit here and complete their assignments and classes.

You will also need a Patisseriser to complete your Sweet Kitchen. It has a base cost of $30,000 and requires maintenance on your end.

Finally, every class needs a teacher. You will have to hire someone with Gastronomy qualifications to run your Sweet Kitchen.

Best Sweet Kitchen Items

  • Chopping Station
  • Mixing Station
  • Cooking Station
  • Recipe Station
  • Washing Station
  • Gastronomy Bookcase

Sweet Kitchen Tips

  • Sweet Kitchen is only used for two classes, one per year. Keep that in mind when considering expanding the kitchen.
  • Focus on hygiene. An unclean kitchen is a big mistake!
  • Regulate temperature for both seasons. You don’t want your cakes going sour in the summers.

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