Two Point Campus Gastronomy Course Guide

Two Points Campus lets players take full liberty to run and manage a college campus according to their liking. From building various classrooms, lecture halls, and libraries to appointing teachers and staff, players are also required to design courses for the admitted students. In this Two Points Campus guide, we’ll be taking a look into the Gastronomy Course and how you can set it up in your college. So without further ado, let’s study hard!

Gastronomy Requirements

In Two Points Campus, there are various courses students can take while studying on campus, and Gastronomy is one of the many you can offer. This course will be available at the outset of Piazza Lanatra, after you spend 30 Course Points and students can enroll from here to take the course in their respective semesters.

A teacher with a qualification in Gastronomy will guide all the enrolled students in the Savoury Kitchen, Sweet Kitchen, Science Lab, and Lecture Theatre. The duration of the Gastronomy course is three years, and it belongs to the medium difficulty level. The average tuition fee that students will have to pay to enroll in the classes will be 9,000.

Below are a set of requirements to successfully launch this course at your college campus.


Players will need to appoint a teacher with Gastronomy qualifications to ensure the successful launch of the Gastronomy Course on their campus. In addition, you can further train your staff with advanced Gastronomy Qualifications by upgrading your course past level 3.


Players will need the following rooms to start the Gastronomy Course at their campus;

Self Study

To satisfy the Self Study and Assignment requirements of students outside the classroom premises, you will need the following rooms;

  • Library (Cost: 5000)
  • Savoury Kitchen (Cost:30,100)
  • Sweet Kitchen (Cost: 35,100)
  • Science Lab (Cost: 18,200)


To satisfy the Self Study and Assignment requirements of students, players will have to provide the students with the following items;

  • Chopping Station (Cost: 600)
  • Mixing Station (Cost: 2,000)
  • Cooking Station (Cost: 2,000; Kudos: 200)
  • Recipe Station (Cost: 600)
  • Washing Station (Cost: 750)
  • Super Chef (Cost: 25,000)
  • Patisseries (Cost: 30,000)
  • Experiment Station (Cost: 3,500; Kudos: 15)
  • Science Station (Cost: 3,000; Kudos: 15)
  • Microscope (Cost: 16,00; Kudos: 150)
  • Bookcase (Cost: 3,500)
  • Gastronomy Bookcase(Cost: 6,000; Kudos: 150)
  • Records Cubicle (Cost: 5,000; Kudos: 4,000)
  • Computer Cubicle (Cost: 8,000)
  • Textbook Cubicle (Cost: 4,000)
  • Study Cubicle (Cost: 4,000)

Gastronomy Classes

Gastronomy is a three-year course, and each year has a total of 3 classes that students must take to graduate.


During the first year of taking Gastronomy, students will have three classes, each with its designated room.

Lecture Theatre
Students will take ‘Utensils 101: That’s a Spoon’ in the Lecture Theatre.

Savoury Kitchen
Students will take ‘Cooking & Teamwork: From Job Roles to Bread Rolls’ and ‘Handling the Heat: Getting into the Kitchen’ in the Savoury Kitchen.


During the second year of taking Gastronomy, students will again have three classes, each with its designated room.

Sweet Kitchen
Students will take ‘Just Desserts’ in the Sweet Kitchen.

Savoury Kitchen
Students will take ‘Salt, Pepper and the Spiciest Meatball’ in the Savoury Kitchen.

Lecture Theatre
Students will take ‘What’s Nicer than a Roast?’ in the Lecture Theatre.


During the third and final year of taking Gastronomy, students will conclude the course with three classes, each with its designated room.

Sweet Kitchen
Students will take ‘Sweet Treats: Life After Savoury’ in the Sweet Kitchen.

Science Lab
Students will take ‘Molecular Gastronomy’ in the Science Lab.

Savoury Kitchen
Students will take ‘The Future of Flavours’ in the Science Lab.

Gastronomy Assignments

While taking the Gastronomy course in 2 Point Campus, students can also take some outside-of-class tasks known as Assignments that will reward them with XP upon completion.

Following is a list of available Assignments and their requirements.

Library Orientation

Book Report      
Requires: Bookcase

Food Tech
Requires: Mixing Station

Library Computing
Requires: Computer Cubicle

Specialist Book Report
Requires: Gastronomy Bookcase

Lab Work  
Requires: Microscope and Experiment Station

Library Study
Requires: Study Cubicle

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