How To Lower The Bridge And Enter Lornruk In The Witcher 3

Lornruk Castle in The Witcher 3 is home to a deadly wyvern as well as some great loot so let us help you access the area.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s open world is vast, and exploring the world filled with collectibles and treasures can be daunting. One location in The Witcher 3 that is not only well hidden but also hard to get into is Lornruk Castle as the bridge leading to the location is raised.

Although most of the items and gear you find in TW3 are in quests, some high-tier items can also be available across the world of The Witcher 3. Some of the best items you can ever get in Witcher 3 are inside discrete locations, hidden out of sight, and in the faraway corners of the map and the same is true for Lornruk.

This guide aims at helping you cross the bridge at Lornruk in The Witcher 3 and enter the tower for some great loot.

How to enter Lornruk Castle in The Witcher 3

Locating the castle is the first part. Lornruk Castle is in the north of Heatherton. You need to travel to the North West corner of Velen. You will naturally come to the place through the Griffin School Gear quest as the Griffin Silver Sword is located here.

To get to Lornruk Castle, fast-travel to Harpy Feeding Ground and travel north from the site to the corner of the island. You will easily spot the secluded castle here, the Lornruk Castle.

As you reach the castle, entering the castle seems very easy. You see the Drawbridge; all you need to do is cross it. Well no. The bridge that initially leads to the castle tower is broken, and if you attempt to cross it, you will fall to your death. 


You must get inside the castle through a secret path and then drop the drawbridge, which offers free access to Lornruk Castle in TW3. 

The Secret Passage to Lornruk Castle

We already know that the bridge leading to Lornruk Castle is a death trap, we can start finding a way into the castle. There is a secret passage that leads into the castle. Right off the castle tower, you can find a small piece of land at the base of the cliff, just across a small body of water. This is where you need to go.

Drop into the water on the right side of the bridge and swim forward. You will see a place of power there. Right below this is an underwater cave that will take you straight to the castle.

Of course, the tunnel is unsafe, and you will face several drowners before you can enter Lornruk Castle.

Once you have entered the castle, you are free to roam. The castle is full of loot and collectibles. You can find treasures, potions, and other items here and load up on them. The true reward of the castle, the Griffin Silver Sword Diagram can be only found atop the castle tower.

If you have not killed the wyvern before this point, it’s best to avoid going to the top of the tower, so you don’t trigger the wyvern fight. You can decide to challenge the wyvern here if you have good ranged options and skills; otherwise, drop the Drawbridge and fight the wyvern on dry ground where you can move.

How to lower the Lornruk Drawbridge

As you explore the castle, you will find the door leading out to Lornruk Castle’s balcony. Here, you can find the wheel that operates the drawbridge. You can activate the wheel, and this will drop the bridge that will act as your way out of Lornruk Castle.

Once you have dropped the bridge, you can leave and come back whenever you want. 

How to beat the wyvern at Lornruk in TW3

Although the game expects you to fight the wyvern after you have entered the castle and are atop the tower, it becomes a huge pain. As the wyvern keeps flying around and hitting him becomes a huge pain if your build is focused on melee attacks.

For your ease and convenience, we recommend you shoot a few crossbow bolts into the wyvern and lure it to the open ground in front of the castle.

The wyvern fight in Lornruk goes the same as all other wyvern fights that you might have endured in TW3. Lornruk Castle wyvern is a level 14 wyvern, so make sure you are up to its level or higher before you attempt to fight it. 

Getting the wyvern to land will be your first task as you start the fight. Crossbow bolts aren’t very effective against a Wyvern so while you can lure it to open area using them, you will need to do something else to force a wyvern to land.

In order to bring a Wyvern to the ground, we recommend using either Aard, if the wyvern is within range and about to do a swoop attack, or Grapeshot bomb to force it to land. Once the Wyvern is on the ground, focus on it using your Silver sword.

Ideally, you should coat your sword with Draconid oil as it will deal bonus damage to a wyvern.

Rewards from Lornruk Castle

Although the castle is filled with exquisite loot, the main rewards that you get in TW3 Wild Hunt are the following:

  • Crafting Notes (For Griffin School Gear quest)
  • Dobromir’s Journal (For Griffin School Gear quest)
  • Witcher Gear Diagram: Griffin Silver Sword

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