How To Get Cherry Cordial In The Witcher 3

Cherry Cordial is the most important alchemy ingredient in The Witcher 3. This is because you need it to craft White Gull and Alcohest.

Cherry Cordial is one of the many alchemy ingredients used for potion crafting in The Witcher 3. You need it to craft White Gull, Alcohest, and for Superior and Enhanced versions of several potions and decoctions. Unlike other alchemy ingredients, you cannot craft Cherry Cordial.

You have a chance to loot it from enemies and chests that are encountered randomly. However, if you are short on time, your only option is to purchase Cherry Cordial. The following guide will tell you where to get as many Cherry cordials as you want in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Locations you can buy Cherry Cordial in Witcher 3

It is important to note that not all vendors will sell Cherry Cordial in The Witcher 3. You need to find an innkeeper or the bartender inside an inn or tavern to buy some Cherry Cordial.

Every merchant will have a limited number of Cherry Cordials to sell. The item itself is pretty cheap, but you will need to fast travel to all of the innkeepers to buy all of their Cherry Cordials before waiting by meditating for them to restock their inventories.

The best location to get the most Cherry Cordial is the Svorlag tavern on the Spikeroog island in Skellige. This is the only innkeeper selling you around 14 to 15 Cherry Cordial bottles at once.

The price of Cherry Cordial is consistent across all vendors. Below are all of the locations where you can purchase Cherry Cordial in The Witcher 3.

1. White Orchard Innkeeper

The White Orchard Inn is one of the first locations you will visit in The Witcher 3. The tavern is located next to the Woesong Bridge in White Orchard and is run by Elsa. Find her inside to see her inventory.

2. Crow’s Perch merchant, Velen

There is a trader at Crow’s Perch who you are going to be passing a lot while doing the Family Matters quest. He can be found in the lower section, on your path to the Bloody Baron’s keep.

3. Downwarren merchant, Velen

There is a merchant in Downwarren who sells Cherry Cordials. The village is located southeast of Crow’s Perch and is known for its locals worshipping the Crones. Keep in mind that the merchant will disappear from the village after you complete The Whispering Hillock quest.

4. Inn at the Crossroads Innkeeper, Velen

Located northeast (just above) Crow’s Perch is the Inn at the Crossroads. Head over there when you can to get some Cherry Cordial. This is another location that you will be frequently passing by while doing errands for the Bloody Baron.

5. Hierarch Square merchant, Novigrad

Hierarch Square is the main center of activity of Novigrad. It is located right in the middle of the city and has three merchants trading their goods. You need to find the merchant with the red cap who sells fish near the Vivaldi Bank.

6. The Alchemy Innkeeper, Oxenfurt

Find Stjepan at The Alchemy inn in the middle of Oxenfurt. He is its innkeeper and often has Cherry Cordial to sell. The Alchemy inn is just across Shani’s Clinic if you are playing the Hearts of Stone expansion pack.

7. Harviken Innkeeper, Skellige

Harviken is a village located on the small Faroe island, southeast of the main Skellige island. There is a tavern here close to the home of Jarl Holger Blackhand, the leader of Clan Dimun that rules Faroe. 

8. Larvik Innkeeper, Skellige

Larvik is located on Hindarsfjall, the smallest of the Skellige islands in the eastern part of the map. The Larvik tavern is next to the signpost.

9. Svorlag Innkeeper, Skellige

Svorlag is another village with a tavern. This is the best innkeeper to find if you want a lot of Cherry Cordials in a single visit. You can find the village on Spikeroog, the large island located west of the main Skellige island.

10. Fox Hollow Innkeeper, Toussaint

Fox Hollow is a small village located at the edge of Toussaint, north of Beauclair Palace and northwest of Castle Ravello Vineyard. The local tavern here in Fox Hollow is run by a woman who always has some Cherry Cordial to sell.

11. The Scarlet Cardinal Innkeeper, Toussaint

The Scarlet Cardinal is an inn located north of the Francollarts signpost and east of Belgaard Vineyard. This is another inn in The Witcher 3 that is run by a woman. Check her out if you are in the area for some Cherry Cordial.

How to get Cherry Cordial using Console Commands in The Witcher 3

While visiting any of the locations highlighted above will net you, Cherry Cordial, you can use console commands to give yourself an unlimited amount of this crafting material. This method only works on PC and is quite simple to do.

Open the console command box by pressing the ‘~’ key. Next, type in ‘additem(‘Cherry Cordial’)’ and press enter. You can repeat this process as many times as you like.

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