The Witcher 2 Romance Guide

All romance opportunities you have in The Witcher 2.

The Witcher 2 is a mature game consisting of romance and sex sequences that can be accessed by following certain questlines. You will be able to play these sequences only if you choose the correct choices that lead to these. Quite tricky… Thankfully, our The Witcher 2 Romance guide has all the tips you need to succeed.

Romance with Triss in The Witcher 2

You will get your chance in the quest, The Rose of Remembrance, in chapter 1, in which Triss Merigold tells you that she might be able to help you get your memory back, but that would require you to retrieve Roses of Memory from the nearby elven ruins. You should head out with Triss to gather these flowers in The Witcher 2.

Head in the direction of the ruins and retrieve the roses of memory out of the flowers there. You will be attacked by the Elven Thugs by the statue of Elven Lovers. During your fight, the ground breaks, and you end up in a bath with Triss.

Convenient ? is it? Try to use Aard Sign to break the wall, but it won’t help much. Even after much of your effort, you won’t be able to get out of there so maybe it’s time you should talk to Triss.

Talk to her; if you play your card well, you will end up in a love scene with Triss. Once you are done, try to use Aard Sign. This time, it will work, and you will be able to leave the bathhouse.

Sex with Ves

You will get your chance during Ave Henselt! Side quest. You can begin this side quest by accepting Proximo’s offer for a place in the tournament during The Butcher of Cidaris’s quest. However, you will need to side with Vernon Roche in order to romance Ves and have sex with her in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

During the tournament, you have to win the fights with all the knights, and Ves will volunteer herself as your opponent. You need to win the fight against her and meet her later.

If you win the fight, she will invite you to the Blue Stripes’ tents outside the Kaedweni Camp. Agree with her about ‘opportunity’ and then praise her for her beauty. Take her to bed, which initiates the sex scene with Ves.

Sex with Courtesans

There are two notable brothels (Flotsam Brothel and the Kaedweni Brothel) in The Witcher 2, where you can find courtesans. You can get the services of a prostitute by paying 100 orens.

The whores Geralt can sleep with include Arnesse, Julia, and Vesna. The whores Geralt can’t sleep with Margot, Alia, Falka, Lobelia, and Libena.

Sex with Succubus

Select the Lorveth Pathway in Chapter 1. In the second chapter, you will given The Succubus side quest from an elf named Ele’yas. During the events of this quest, you will get to examine burnt villages, gather the clues, go to the catacombs to find the trail, and get more evidence.

After you discover a fresh body and use the surgical equipment to extract the blade shards, you will find Dandelion’s poetical sketchbook, which leads to Succubus.

Meet him at the burnt village at midnight. If you do it right, Succubus will appear and invite you to go with her. Take whatever choice it doesn’t influence the outcome. She claims she seduces men and makes love to them to drain their energy but does not kill them, as she wants them to come back.

You need to believe in the Succubus and then follow up on the quests to kill Ele’yas, and at the end, you will be rewarded with Thyssen’s Amor in The Witcher 2.

Sex with Mottle

If you rescue the elves, then you can save Mottle, the elf girl in Flotsam, during Chapter I. You can find Mottle outside Vergen. This is where she sells herbs and crafting components. She wants to repay you for rescuing her, so when you approach her with interest,  she will reward you with “a bit of joy” and the Key to the Tunnel of the Founders.

Romance with Cynthia in The Witcher 2

Cynthia is a double agent working for Nilfgaard in The Witcher 2. You will get to meet her during the events of the quest, The Secrets of Loc Muinne, during which you should not attack her if you are interested in romancing her.

After completing that specific quest, you can meet her at the Inn, and after going through a ton of dialogue, you can woo her and have sex with Cynthia in The Witcher 2.

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