How To Find The Rose Of Remembrance In The Witcher 2

The Rose of Remembrance can help Geralt regain his memories.

Rose of Remembrance is an item that can be found in a secret elven garden in the forest. You can get it during the side quest, Rose of Remembrance, in The Witcher 2. This rose is said to help regain memories, so Geralt becomes interested in seeing it, to regain his memories.

Where to find the Rose of Remembrance?

After finishing the quest of The Kayran, go towards the town where it meets the Flotsam city and talk to Triss. She would speak of the right-hand man of Iorveth from whom the information can be collected. This would also advance the main quest, The Assassins of Kings. Cross the harbor and approach the two soldiers to enter the floating prison.

In the boat, go down toward the ship’s rightmost side to find an elf named Ciaran. First, Triss would heal him so he could talk. Then, he would reveal everything he knows that is relevant, along with mentioning the Rose of Remembrance in The Witcher 2.

Triss then explains that this rose may help get Geralt’s memories back, which he agrees to search for. At this point, you’ll have the option of going with Triss or alone.

Option A: Go with Triss

If you choose to go with Triss, you’ll get to romance Triss. She would lead the way, and you only have to follow her through the woods.

After a while, Triss will mention that the garden is supposed to be on the upward track. From here on, take the path going up and follow it until you reach a high step. Jump up, and you’ll get the arch. Go through, and you’ll find a statue surrounded by Roses in The Witcher 2.

Take the flower, and a cutscene will start, and some thugs will come to steal. Defeat them, and the quest would end here.

Option B: Go alone

If you decide to go alone, you must find the garden yourself. First, go straight from the harbor out of the city gates. Keep going straight until you reach a fallen tree. Go under it and follow the upward path. After a while, you’ll find a narrow passage with rocky walls on both sides.

This place is littered with traps, so be careful. Stick towards the right until you see a stream in The Witcher 2.

Cross it and choose the path going up. This is a narrow path, so keep going until you find a high step. Climb over, and just ahead on your right, you’ll find a beautiful arch. Go inside and get the Rose of Remembrance in The Witcher 2.

This would start a cutscene with thugs. Defeat them and take the rose to Triss in Flotsam. She is in the Inn. Give her the rose, and she’ll cast the spell to regain Geralt’s memories.

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