The Witcher 2 Ave Henselt! Quest Walkthrough

Defeat the opponents during the Ave Henselt! Quest and get a chance to romance Ves.

After completing The Butcher of Cidaris quest, as soon as Geralt enters the Kaedweni camp, he is approached by Proximo Woodblade, who informs him about the tournament. Proximo explains that due to Witcher’s excellent skills, King Henselt has ordered a tournament to test skills and fight against each other. This will trigger The Witcher 2 Ave Henselt! Quest.

This tournament would give a significant amount as a reward to the winner. Proximo informs that whenever he wishes, between noon and dusk, he can join by finding him near the arena. Here’s a guide on how to complete this quest.

Who are the opponents for Ave Henselt! Quest?

The quest’s task is to win the fights against all four of the opponents that challenge you in the ring. You can choose to pause after each round or continue to do all at the same time. You’ll only get the reward after the fight with Ves, so it’s better to complete it in one go.

The first fight in The Witcher 2 Ave Henselt! quest is against Gwydion. He is the easiest one and would fight with an axe. Two to three slashes of the sword would lower his health enough for him to yield.

The second one is Rendag, who is better at defense than at attacks. He will approach you with a shield drawn, making it impossible to land an attack. You’ll need to circle just in time to land a few hits. You can also use Yrden and then attack him.

For the third fight, a muscular guy named Borin would be your opponent. He wields two swords and is much faster and more powerful than the previous two combined. Use the area of the arena to your advantage and wait for him to attack.

After his attack, charge at him during the small window he is recovering. Also, make sure to block them, as his attacks are damaging.

Once Borin yields, the King exclaims that he has no one who can go against The Witcher. Here, Ves would arrive and volunteer to fight in The Witcher 2.

She is much faster than Borin, making the fight genuinely challenging. Stay far off, use spells to your advantage, and attack her then. You can yield during the match, but this would lead to her being mad for not taking her seriously, so play along and defeat her.

After the match, go and talk to Ves. If you’ve lost against her, the conversation will end with her getting mad at you for taking her easy. On the other hand, If you’ve won against her, she would be willing to have a drink with you.

Accept her offer, and then the conversation would start. Choose to compliment her. She’s both brave and beautiful, and that would lead to a romantic ending with Ves. If you don’t want that, you can leave right away after talking to her.

The Witcher 2 Ave Henselt! quest Bugs

If you have finished the Butcher of Cidaris and Proximo doesn’t approach you or start the tournament, check if you’ve completed all the side quests you can up till now. This bug happens occasionally but can be solved by completing all remaining quests that you can to this point.

Once done, talk to Proximo, or he would come to speak and the Ave Henselt! quest would be added. Another bug is when you go back to start the tournament and talk to Proximo, he doesn’t start it and tells you to come back from noon to dusk.

To deal with this issue, go outside the camp, meditate until noon, and then look for Proximo. If he is near the arena, it’s possible that he would listen and start the tournament. If not, visit him later.

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