The Witcher 2 From A Bygone Era Quest Walkthrough

From a Bygone Era requires you to understand what is written on the notes and defeating a boss.

From a Bygone Era quest in The Witcher 2 is linked to the Little Sisters quest. During that quest, you will get your hands on Malget’s Notes. In the From a Bygone Era quest, you must understand what is written on the notes.

You can take these to Dethmold, who will be at the Lower Kaedweni camps in the second chapter. Once you get to him, he will offer to buy these from you. Don’t sell him the notes if you want to complete the quest and get your reward in chapter 3. I will address how you can easily finish the quest From a Bygone Era.

Meet with Bras of Ban Ard in Chapter 3

Once you reach chapter three, you can head to the market square of the Loc Muinne in search of an important NPC merchant. He will happen to be Bras of Ban Ard in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, whom you may have encountered at the end of the Mystic River sidequest.

He can read the manuscript and tell you the history of Vrans and the scroll of power, but Bras will demand a price for his services.

Bras will mention that you will need to recite the correct password, which will result in the doors of the vault opening for you. Once you use the Axii hex on him, he will mutter the correct sequence of how the password must be read so the sentry can let you pass in The Witcher 2 From a Bygone Era. You can find the correct sequence below as well.

(Nanna Kanpa Zi Uddu-ya Ia Ia Gat Exa Nanna Zi Uddu-Zi Gat Kanpa Nibbit).

Head to the Loc Muinne Sewers

After your conversation with Bras ends, you can head to the location of the strongman in Loc Muinne and enter the passage there to reach the Loc Muinne Sewers in The Witcher 2. Navigate through the sewer area, and you will finally reach a doorway that will set ablaze. A wisp will appear to question you with the phrase “Nighb’t?”

You can choose the fifth option from this order, which, in our case, was Uddu-zi.

  • Zi
  • Exa
  • Nibbit
  • Cat
  • Uddu-zi
  • Uddu-ya
  • Kanpa
  • La la

Solve the puzzle to light the fireplaces in The Witcher 2

Once you choose the correct password phrase, you will be transported to a small room with seven braziers/fireplaces. Three fireplaces will be on either side, and a single fireplace will be at the starting area. You will need to solve this puzzle to unlock the door ahead.

To solve this puzzle, you will need to light each of the fireplaces in the correct order [1,6,2,1]

  • You will need to light the middle fireplace first (1).
  • Then, you can light the second fireplace (6) on your left side.
  • Afterward, go towards the wall on the right and light the bottom fireplace (2).
  • Lastly, you can light the middle fireplace (1) again to solve the puzzle and unlock the door in the Witcher 2.

Meet with the Vran Guardian

You can then access the door ahead, but remember to save your progress before going ahead. When ready, follow the stairs and confront a Vran Mage Guardian.

He will question you on being the chosen one. If you decline to be chosen, it will result in the Operator Boss fight in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. This way, you can get some decent loot after defeating the NPC Operator boss.

On the other hand, if you tell the guardian that you are the chosen one, you can re-spec your talent/skill tree.

You can fight the operator or take up his offer; either way, you will have completed the mission From a Bygone Era in The Witcher 2. You should exit that place using the original portal at the fireplace, as it will allow you to access this area later on.

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