The Witcher 2 Mystic River Quest Walkthrough

Complete the Mystic River quest for amazing armor.

The Mystic River is a unique quest you can follow during all three chapters of The Witcher 2. This quest will involve you investigating two shipwrecks and then finding the treasure with the armor diagram. The Mystic River quest will begin outside Flotsam, and you must complete certain objectives as you progress.

You can also leave this quest during each chapter and pick it up anytime near one of the objectives. However, it is worth mentioning that undergoing the Mystic River quest will be rewarding. I will be guiding you throughout the events of this quest and help you finish the Mystic River Quest.

The Witcher 2 Mystic River Chapter 1: Flotsam Shipwreck

To initiate the Mystic River Quest, you must follow up on the events of a certain contract called the Kayran. This will lead you to a shipwreck, which will be located near the Kayran’s nest.

All you will need to do is investigate this wreckage, and you will be able to discover a locked chest and Sillie’s captain key on a skeleton to unlock it. This way, you will be able to salvage the following items:

  • Captain journal
  • Captain Log
  • Studded Leather
  • Twine
  • Cloth (x3)

Next, you will need to go through the captain’s journal. After you do that, you will find that the captain has mentioned some delivery instructions for the reader to follow in The Witcher 2. You will need to find the drop box used by the Royal Mail and then proceed to drop the report inside it.

Finding the Royal Post

You can go to Louis Merse’s house near the Flotsam Inn. After entering, head upstairs. You will find the post box on the table towards the right end. You can read the other letters after successfully inserting the report inside that box.

It will be locked so you can find Louis in the next room and speak with him first. During your conversation, Geralt can work on his Witcher skills (AXII Sign Hex) to persuade him to let you read the mailbox’s contents. Once you do that, you will receive another notification about the new quest phase for the Mystic River quest in The Witcher 2.

You can also go to Loredo’s Office to insert the report into the Royal Mail present there. The drawback to posting the report here is that you cannot read the contents inside the post box.

To unlock it you will require a key, which can only be acquired once you kill Loredo later on during the events of the quest Death to the Traitor. Considering this outcome, it would be a better option to avoid this Royal Post, and instead, you should check the one present at Louis Merse House in The Witcher 2.

Mystic River Chapter 2: Vergen Shipwreck

During the second chapter, you must undergo the story quest called the Eternal Battle in The Witcher 2. Here, you will have some important decisions on giving Lorveth his sword or joining forces with Vernon Roche.

The first choice will make the Shipwreck site available for you to access during the second chapter. If you go with the second choice, you will come across the Shipwreck at the end of the third chapter and have to face the troll near it.

The second phase of the Mystic River quest will involve you investigating another shipwreck that will be present on the outskirts of Vergen in Pontar Valley.  

A troll will be present on the right side of this wreckage site, so you can either kill it or ignore it. After discovering this wreckage, you can examine it to find another chest at the center. Open the chest, and it will reveal the following:

  • Journal from the Eyla Tarn
  • Twine
  • Cloth
  • Studded Leather

You can save these items to craft certain armor components, such as the Vran Armor in the Witcher 2.

Mystic River Chapter 3: Loc Muinne Sewers

You will be able to follow up on the events of the Mystic River quest and complete it during the third chapter in The Witcher 2. This time around, you must make your way through the Loc Muinne sewers to find a chest.

To do that, you can head to the north end of the Loc Muinne and go near the spot where an NPC called The Might Numa will be arm-wrestling other people. Travel a little way from there, and you will find the entrance to the Loc Muinne Sewers. Navigate through them, and you will encounter monsters like the Rottfiends, Bullvores, etc.

At the end of the sewer tunnel, you will be able to locate a chest, and after you unlock the chest, you will receive the following items:

  • Diagram: Vran Armor
  • Armor of Ysgith
  • Delreadh
  • Studded Leather
  • Cloth
  • Twine
  • Fire rune

Moreover, you can use your medallion to discover other lootable items in the dark surrounding area of this particular sewer. The next objective of the Mystic River quest will be to locate a smith who is also a sorcerer and have him make you the Vran armor in Witcher 2.

Craft the Vran Armor

You can complete this objective by meeting with a smith called Bras of Ban Ard, who also happens to be a sorcerer. He will be present near the market square of Loc Muinne and can be spotted wearing a red hat. Speak to him and select the option to ask him to craft you an item.

You can select the option (CRA, ARM) Vran Armor in the crafting diagram section. Bras will craft that particular armor for 2000 Oren in Witcher 2. Once this step is done the Mystic River quest will be marked as complete.

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