The Witcher 2 Skills, Abilities, and Talent Tree Guide

The Witcher 2 skills guide will walk you through various skills and abilities of the characters, character development, and talent trees. You can use this guide to effectively use different abilities and upgrades that you will have access to in The Witcher 2.

You can’t survive with the starting character Geralt as the difficulty of enemies increase. Once you have accumulated enough experience points, you will level up your character. For each level, you will be awarded specific number of talent points. Which you can invest in to improve various abilities of Geralt.

The Witcher 2 Skills

You can meditate anywhere in The Witcher 2, once you are in the meditation mode, you can access Alchemy, the use of mixtures, and the rest of character options. The ability tree in The Witcher 2 is divided in four different paths: Training, Swordsmanship, Alchemy, and Magic.

Each ability branch includes a number of specific skills. Use of abilities is subjected to conditions you will come across. You can invest talent points as long as you meet the prerequisites. You should intelligently use the talent points since you can’t unlearn the abilities in Witcher 2.

There are two level upgrades per ability. The most powerful ability bonuses come at the end of each ability branch. There won’t be enough talent points available to get all the abilities to maximum so you should definitely think twice before taking any route.

Since not enough talent points to develop all the ability paths to the maximum, you should definitely think twice about how much talent lies in her ability which branch.

This guide will help you decide which ability you should invest in, what are the benefits of using that ability and how you can effectively make the best use of available talent points.


Before you go on to invest in swordsmanship, magic or alchemy, you need to invest minimum of six talent points in training branch of skills tree.

Ability Level 1 Level 2
Energy Regeneration Energy regeneration out of combat +25 percent Energy regeneration out of combat +25 percent
Endurance Vitality +10 Vitality +50
Parry Allows you to parry blows from all sides Reduces damage while blocking 100 percent
Dagger Throwing Lets throw dagger + 20 Dagger damage + 20
Arrow Redirection Enables redirection arrow Arrow allows redirection to the shooters
Courage/Fortitude Energy regeneration in combat + 10 percent Vigor + 1


If you are more of an impulsive guy who likes to throw himself into the combat and rely on aggression to get things done, you should most probably go all in, and invest all your talent points in Swordsmanship.

It will increase the damage of the swords in combat, increase the effectiveness of hand-to-hand combat, blocks will be more efficient, and greatly enhance the probability of landing the critical hit on opponents.

Ability Level 1 Level 2
Position Damage taken by back stab: 150 percent Damage taken by back stab: 100 percent
Riposte/Counter Attack Allows retaliation Chance of Instant Kill by backlash: 50 percent
Footwork Distance by dodging + 100 percent Distance by dodging + 200 percent
Violence Heavy Chadians + 5 percent Heavy Chadians + 20 percent
Whirl Lets cause damage to multiple opponents to free additional opponent received 50 percent damage Additional opponents receive 100 percent damage
Guard Energy required to block – 25 percent Energy required to block – 50 percent
Tough Guy Damage taken reduced by 5 percent Damage taken reduced by 40 percent
Schemer Energy regeneration in combat + 10 percent Energy regeneration in combat + 40 percent
Resilience Vitality +25 Vitality + 100
Precision Chance of critical bleeding + 10 percent Chance of critical bleeding + 20 percent, heavy Chadians + 20 percent
Sudden Death Chance of Instant Kill + 2 percent Chance of Instant Kill + 5 percent
Finesse/Aptitudes Opportunity to all critical effects + 5 percent Opportunity to all critical effects + 15 percent
Invincible Vitality + 50, Damage taken reduced by 10 percent Vitality + 150, Damage taken reduced by 30 percent
Combat Acumen Allows groups finisher, activation during adrenaline-filled bar, which allows generation of adrenaline by sword blows Damage + 20 percent, Damage taken reduced by 10 percent
Whirlwind By sword blows generated adrenaline + 10 percent, all resistances + 10 percent chance of all critical effects + 10 percent By sword blows generated adrenaline + 30 percent, all resistances + 20 percent chance of all critical effects + 20 percent


Alchemy as we know it is the mixture of different potions. The Witcher 2 Alchemy guide will provide you a closer look on different mixtures you can create and acquire in The Witcher 2 and also tell you the effectiveness of each mixture you create.

Using Alchemy Geralt can fight through potions and mutagens. The more talent points you invest in Alchemy, the more effective will be the effects of mixtures and time they will retain their effect will also greatly increase.

Ability Level 1 Level 2
Alchemist Bomb Damage + 10 percent, falling damage + 20 per cent Bomb Damage + 20 percent, falling damage + 20 per cent
Synthesis Vitality +10 Vitality +50
Side effect Chance of producing a mutagen as a by-product of alchemy + 2 percent Chance of producing a mutagen as a by-product of alchemy + 10 percent
Specialization: Potions Effect of soaking time + 10 percent Effect of soaking time + 40 percent
Harvester Harvest alchemical ingredients + 50 percent Harvest alchemical ingredients + 100 percent
Catalysis Effect of drinking intensity + 15 percent Effect of drinking intensity + 35 percent
Specialization: Oils Effect duration of oils + 10 percent Effect duration of oils + 40 percent
Transmutation Effect intensity of oil + 15 per cent Effect intensity of oil + 35 per cent
Impregnation Effect intensity of mutagens + 15 percent Effect intensity of mutagens + 35 percent
Taster Allows consummation of an additional potion Damage by while poisoned +15% Damage reduction while poisoned +10%
Condensation Energy regeneration poisoning + 15 percent Energy Regeneration poisoning + 35 per cent
Metathesis Damage Done poisoning while 10 per cent Damage Done + poisoning while 30 percent
Berserker Chance to instant-kill while poisoning + 1 percent Chance to instant-kill while poisoning and 3 percent
Mutant Allows Berserker mode, activation by adrenaline-filled bar, which allows generation of adrenaline poisoning Poisoning generated by adrenaline + 25 percent
Amplification Poisoning generated by adrenaline + 15 percent, while poisoning Damage Done + 10 percent, while poisoning Damage taken reduced by 10 percent Poisoning generated by adrenaline + 50 percent, while poisoning Damage Done + 30 percent while poisoning Damage taken reduced by 30 percent

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Magic branch of ability tree allows sorcerers characters to improve their abilities. In addition to improving your abilities, you can unlock additional effects such as numbness, cremation or damage reflection.

There are five basic characters, which are based on the elements: Aard (air – telekinetic wave), Axii (water – manipulation), Igni (Fire – Flame wave), Yrden (merger – Fallen) and Quen (Earth – protection).

The Magic Path also grants you access to a sixth sorcerer character –
heliotrope – which enables you to influence time and space. It creates a barrier that slows down your opponent, which can prove very handy in combat.

Ability Level 1 Level 2
Enhanced Aard Sign Toggle Level 2 for the free sign Aard sign Aard caused damage on the enemy, sign damage: 1, string-range + 2 meters Unlocks Aard Sign level III. Aard Sign deals damage to opponents. Sign damage: 6. Aard Sign has an area effect. Sign range +6m
Destructive magic Sign damage + 5 Sign damage +10, vigor +1
Enhanced Axii Sign Toggle Level 2 for the character Axii free Bewitched opponent gets: Vitality + 20 percent, 20 percent damage dealt + Unlocks Axii Sign level III. Hexed opponent gets: Vitality +50%, Damage dealt +50%
Enhanced Quen Sign Toggle Level 2 for the Quen sign free Quen reflects 20 percent damage, character duration: 20 seconds Unlocks Quen Sign level III. Quen deflects 50% damage. Sign duration +60s
Intensification Magic Drawing strength + 1 Sign power +2, Damage reduction +10%
Venting/Relief Quen transferred the reflected damage to two opponents Quen transfers reflected damage to three enemies.
Fatal attraction Allows the character Axii two opponents to bewitch Enables to hex up to three opponents with Axii Sign.
Magical Vigor/Magic Energy Energy + 1 Vigor +2
Enhanced Igni Sign Toggle Level 2 for the character Igni free opportunity for the cremation of the enemy, character range and 3-meter Unlocks Igni Sign level III. Igni Sign has an area effect Sign range +6m
Enhanced YrdenSign Toggle Level 2 for the character Yrden free, made possible the establishment of two cases Unlocks Yrden Sign level III. The player can set three traps
Glyph enhancement Yrden traps are linked, opponents can not move through between the glyphs The glyph it creates deals damage to opponents: 5 damage/s
Energy Flow Chance of critical effect of a sign + 5 percent Critical effect chance of Signs +25%
Magic Life Force Vitality +50 All resistances +5%
Magical Sense Turns characters heliotrope free activation with adrenaline-filled bar allows the generation of adrenaline by signs All resistances +5%, Adrenaline generation through Signs +50%
Power Control All resistances + 20 percent, drawing Damage + 30 percent, generated by signs adrenaline + 10 percent All resistances +5%, Sign damage +10%, Adrenaline generation through Signs +65%


Mutagens are powerful mutation-triggering agents. They allow you to raise your abilities even further. Mutagens can be acquired in two ways: you can loot one from a defeated enemy or you can create one as a byproduct of alchemy. To undergo mutation, enter meditation, and then select the ‘Character’ option and find an ability
that has a mutagen slot.

The mutation cannot be reversed. Mutagens usually take one of three forms: lesser, basic and greater. Each of these forms raises the character’s statistics, but by a different amounts.

Mutagen Variants
Critical effects mutagen
Increases the chance of causing critical effect.

Range mutagen
Increases the range of the Aard, Igni and Axii Signs.

Vitality mutagen
Increases vitality.

Power mutagen
Increases sword damage.

Strength mutagen
Increases damage reduction.

Concentration mutagen
Increases Sign damage.

Feel free to ask any questions or provide feedback about this guide. If you find anything missing, point out and we will add that in this guide.

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