The Witcher 2 Operator Boss Fight Guide

Defeating the Operator boss is important not just for rewards but also for a quest.

The Operator in The Witcher 2 is one of those powerful enemy bosses you will face during Chapter Three. He has powerful attacks that can disrupt your movement, cause you to take severe damage, and make the fight longer.

You should get prepared before jumping in this boss fight. I will tell you about all the attacks and defensive abilities this boss has so you can tackle them easily and eventually defeat the boss.

Operator Attacks and Defensive abilities

Regarding the Operator’s defensive abilities, he has a powerful Protection Spell, which allows him to absorb your hits. This Vran Guardian is Immune to all sorts of poisons and weapon oils, so don’t use these.

Lastly, using the swordsman path (Adrenaline) will not affect the Operator or his summoned beasts one bit, as it will only deplete you of your stamina. This will also result in you losing this Boss Fight, so avoid using it at all costs.

You will also need to be aware of the Operator’s attacks in The Witcher 2, and these will include:

Operator AttacksEffects
FireballThe Operator will utilize this ranged attack to target you with fiery projectiles. You can interrupt the casting by inflicting sword strikes on the operator.
TeleportationHe will use this move frequently once he gets cornered and will rotate around the chamber. You need to target him before he teleports and keep evading his attacks.
SummoningThe Operator will summon two Gargoyles during different parts of this boss fight. You need to be careful around these monsters and avoid taking any hits from them. Gargoyles are vulnerable to silver swords, so use them to take these creatures out.
Staff-fightingThe operator will also hit you with his staff knocking you down when his shield is invulnerable.

How to defeat the Operator in The Witcher 2

If you want to defeat the Operator on any difficulty setting, you will require the best armor and weapons in The Witcher 2. Regarding Armor options, you can go with the Armor of Ysgith, which can nullify half of those magic-summoned enemy attacks.

Speaking of weapons, you can use silver sword options such as the Deithwen, Caerme, etc. This particular sword is a good choice during the Operator Boss Fight. It provides additional damage when facing creatures such as Gargoyles in The Witcher 2.

Starting from the initial attacks, the Operator will deploy the fireball strikes at you. Make sure to dodge these attacks or take cover behind pillars in that chamber. Secondly, when the Operator uses the protection shield, you should not attack him immediately; instead, let him summon the Gargoyles.

Once these creatures come out, lure them toward the Operator and hit them with your powerful sword strikes. This way, when each of these Gargoyles dies, they practically explode near the Operator. Use Quen to reinforce your protection and Aard to stun the Gargoyles during the Operator Boss fight.

Moreover, you can also use Aard to knock down the Operator before he can cast the summoning spell. Then, you can hit him with those lethal sword strikes to decrease this enemy boss’s health.

You can also use Bombs such as Dancing Star, Red Haze Bombs, or Samum. These projectiles can knock down this Vran Guardian and cause him to lose some of his health.

Be sure to regain your health after eliminating the Gargoyles, as dodging the Operator’s fireball attack is easy. Rotate your strike, and don’t stay in one place for too long. Keep up with the evasion and attacking strategy, and eventually, you can take down the Operator with relative ease in The Witcher 2.

Rewards for defeating the Operator Boss

After defeating the Operator Boss, you will be able to salvage the following loot:

  • Dragon Scale
  • Magic Wrap
  • Vran Armor Enhancement
  • Operator’s Staff

Lastly, by defeating the Operator, you will have completed the quest called From a Bygone Era in the Witcher 2.

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